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Celtics Initiating Rondo Trade Talks

Trade rumors have swirled around Rajon Rondo ever since the NBA's lockout ended, and according to Bill Ingram of HoopsWorld, the ongoing rumblings aren't a result of mere speculation. Citing "multiple front office sources," Ingram reports the Celtics are initiating trade discussions involving Rondo.

Earlier this season, Celtics GM Danny Ainge insisted he wasn't trying to trade Rondo, stressing the difference between listening to offers on a player and aggressively shopping him. While Ainge may not be actively trying to ship Rondo out of town, the point guard, who turns 26 next Wednesday, is one of the team's few valuable young assets, as Hoops Rumors' Jesse Blanchard wrote last week. It wouldn't be a surprise if any trade inquiry Ainge makes leads to a discussion of Rondo sooner or later.

Within his HoopsWorld piece, Ingram singles the Utah Jazz out as a potential trade partner for the Celtics, arguing that a swap centered around Rondo and Paul Millsap would make sense. However, there's no indication any talks have occurred between Boston and Utah.

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44 thoughts on “Celtics Initiating Rondo Trade Talks

  1. Cameron Vietti

    Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson, and 2 future 1st…!! Go Geoff Petrie

    • Surfgur

      Blake and Gasol for Rondo

      • Whosyourdolly

        what is it with the Gasol fixation? He’s a big thuggy snurf…..NEVA make a CELTIC out of that weirdo…

  2. BrickTops

    Does not matter who the Celtics Acquire, they are finished.

    • Whosyourdolly

      famous last words….

  3. Franjwhite

    That is the most stupidest trade talk I ever heard. They would be worse off without Rondo. He and KG should be the only untouchables on the team. Because KG understands he is older and had to taylor his game to his dimenishing skills. Pierce has n’t gotten the message yet.

    • hoopdreams38

      “most stupidest”

      • Whosyourdolly

        Yeah…the mostest stupidest even….

    • Whosyourdolly

      How about PIERCE?? NO TRADING HIM !!!!!

  4. fan since the 60's

    Dumbest thing I ever heard, but Danny Ainge couldn’t play when he was a Celtic, McHale, Bird, Parrish and DJ carried him, what does he know about basketball

    • Bradmachado

      Danny Ainge has made TWO good deals since he’s been the g.m., Allen and Garnett. Every other trade has blown up in his face.

      • Mckendly

        Brandon Bass?

        • Whosyourdolly

          so far BASS is flopping around mostly…SHOULD be good….but so far NOT SO MUCH…

    • Guestimate

      theo epstein was a monster hitter when he played in the majors, so i think you really need to be a superstar player to bring championships to a city. dumbass

      • Whosyourdolly

        tsk tsk …..”dumbass” is not a nice thing to say…..shame on you…

  5. Bill Russell

    fire danny ainge is the answer to the celtics. This idiot doesn’t know his head from his ass.

  6. Rondo for Howard straight up

    • Whosyourdolly


  7. Bobby T

    Anybody is good to trade if you benifit from the trade. PERIOD!!!

    • Whosyourdolly

      that would require that the “BENEFIT” part was a given….how do you determine that BEFORE the fact ???? Obviously what LOOKS good don’t always STAY good ….its all about CHEMISTRY…not just about big names and egos….

  8. Rondo is a punk has been since he got here.I cannot believe some of the older guys take his shit! That would be the best thing that happen and figure out a way of including Pierce as well. Sick of seeing his face after he turns the ball over when he gets stripped all the time.

  9. Sandy

    I think the Celtics should first trade Danny for whatever they can get for him…

    • Whosyourdolly

      now THAT’S a good idea….but WHO??? and for WHAT???

  10. matt the cat

    Yeh, I agree – trade Danny and some cash for a 2016 3rd round pick – but if RR must go then straight up for Andrew Bynum.

    • Whosyourdolly

      WHO would PAY for DANNY??? Get real…he has been a disaster….prolly couldn’t pay anyone to TAKE him even….and RR MUST NOT GO thank you very much….only the COMPETITION wants RONDO to leave the C’s..and that’s cuz he’s such a prize and they want him for theirselfs….dream on….

  11. Marty Susman

    The lakers will take him… Put Bass & Rondo together for Pau & Blake & you have a deal…

    • Whosyourdolly

      Do you KNOW what would happen in the city of Boston should Danny trade Rondo or Pierce or KG or Allen… would NOT be pritty…

  12. Jplan55

    Stop the madness

    • Whosyourdolly

      but its almost MARCH….

  13. Chris Small

    I’m a Bulls fan and while I’d love to see Rondo off the Celts it just doesn’t make sense to me why Boston would do this. KG, Pierce and Allen are all getting up there in years, it would make sense to me to try and move one or two of them and build for the future around your all star PG.

    • Whosyourdolly

      yes I BET you would love to see Rondo off the Celtics….so would every other team….

  14. Shnedeau

    Just do it,enought talk!

  15. Wp Bolean

    I agree Danny should be the one to get shipped out. The non- caring,with no concern for Cs success should definitely go.This penny pincher who wont release a dollar to get a long and much much needed center,as well as other supporting positions on the team. There are too many talented and available or younger/ available veterans ,who are interested in playing with celts, for a run at the championship.Looks like Ainge is only concern is making every other team more stronger&talented. BOTTOM LINE GET RID OF AINGE.

  16. Kevin

    Danny Ainge is absolutely right about Rondo. He is a disaster who cannot shoot an outside shot. If the Celtics stay with Rondo they have no chance of winning. Did anybody notice when Rondo was hurt the Celtics went on a winning streak? When your ballhandler cannot shoot the defense packs in the paint making it harder for the rest of the team to score. Plus he is a headcase. Get rid of him!!!!

    • Grow69

      he the only hope the team has for a future, once allen and garnet retire, what happens then?

      • Whosyourdolly

        we will all cry in our beers and remember WHEN …..and THEN we will see what we are missing….never know until its gone….but MAYBE with Rondo and Pierce still there [if Danny doesn’t totally lose his mind again with another dumbasp trade] the C’s can build something new…hard to fathom but you neva know….BASS could be good maybe….still ain’t seeing it…and the notorious JJJ…even WILCOX has potential…and that spunky Bradley…but most of the others on the bench are totally hit or miss at this point…more miss than hit…will that change without the BIG GUNS to anchor the team ??? dunno

    • Whosyourdolly

      you are OUT OF YOUR MIND…. Rondo has carried the team more times than almost anyone else …cept PIERCE….not to say KG and ALLEN aren’t irreplaceable too…I think it makes more sense to lose some of the bench weenies that are so hit or miss….

  17. Lec42

    paul millsapp and brandon bass are ther same type of player what happened to rondo for pau gasol we have to get bigger or rondo for steve nash

    • Whosyourdolly

      NO NO NO not THAT gashole

  18. Mystery Man Celtics

    Option #1 Keep Rondo & KG trade Allen & Pierce for A couple of younger good players! Option #2 Trade Rondo for a good big man, [Who can get rebounds] and give Avery Bradley the chance!

    • Whosyourdolly

      PIERCE????? Are you delusional???

  19. Mystery Man Celtics

    Sell your soul if you can get Dwight Howard or anybody big and good, but short of that! Look for trades for Pierce, and Allen!

  20. Mystery Man Celtics

    Trading Perkins is going down as a very, very, very bad move! If you had to do it over, never would have traded Perkins!, STUPID! Absolutely killed the team chemistry!

  21. Whosyourdolly

    trading Rondo for ANYBODY is a major MISTAKE…geeze

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