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Kyler On Rose, Gasol, Martin, Gordon

As we covered this morning, Steve Kyler shared a few Dwight Howard rumors in his NBA AM piece for HoopsWorld. Here's the latest from Kyler on a few more topics:

  • Bulls sources vehemently denied having contact with the Lakers regarding Pau Gasol, and said Chris Sheridan's report about Derrick Rose giving his blessing for the Bulls to pursue Gasol didn't originate from Rose. Kyler himself is skeptical about the rumor, noting that it would be out of character for Rose, who has avoided recruiting players.
  • Replying to a question about the Rockets trading Kevin Martin, perhaps to the Timberwolves, Kyler tweets that there is "real interest." It's unclear whether he's referring to the Rockets being interested in dealing Martin or the T-Wolves being interested in acquiring him, but you could make an argument that both teams would be motivated to pursue such a deal.
  • The Hornets are open to moving Eric Gordon, but only if he could bring back a "legit star," tweets Kyler.
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6 thoughts on “Kyler On Rose, Gasol, Martin, Gordon

  1. $1529282

    Martin to the Wolves would be incredible.

  2. BrickTops

    Who on the timber wolves would the Rockets be after? No way they give up Love or Rubio. Maybe Beasley ++? Not sure

    • zak chrzaszcz

      Martin to the wolves would be a great fit but I really dont see any package from them that Houston would want, maybe a 3rd team can get involved maybe as part of Gasol to Houston.

  3. robtoast

    Buyers remorse on the Hornets… David Stern is looking like a genius now for shooting down the original trade with the Lakers and Houston. I really hope Gordon gets a max deal from the Pacers and forces the Hornets to let him walk away.

  4. I too would like to know at least some hint of who the Wolves would be offering. Gotta be Beasley, maybe with Darko added?

    What is Martin’s defense like? I’m guessing none too stellar, as a scoring minded guard, but I really don’t know.

    Would the Wolves be willing to take on that much salary? How long is he signed for?

    • Cory Taylor

      Kevin Martin might be the worst defensive 2 guard in all of the NBA and Division I

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