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Ray Allen Drawing Interest

The direction the Celtics will take over the next two and a half weeks is still unknown. If they decide to blow up the roster though, Ray Allen and not Rajon Rondo may be the team's most-coveted trade chip. According to Sean Deveney of the Sporting News (via Twitter), Allen has generated more interest than Rondo to date.

While Rondo is the more attractive long-term asset, Allen would require a smaller package and intrigue contenders in need of a shooter. Teams like the Clippers or Timberwolves would probably love to add Allen for a possible playoff run. Plus, the 36-year-old's $10MM salary makes his one of the largest expiring contracts in play this season.

The Celtics have a number of options as March 15th approaches, and it's possible the team hangs onto its veteran players for one more postseason run. Although the team, as constructed, likely isn't a title contender, holding onto its veterans would allow Boston to clear plenty of salary this summer. Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Jermaine O'Neal alone have expiring contracts that total about $38MM.

Daniel Seco of Hoops Rumors examined Allen as a trade candidate two weeks ago.

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16 thoughts on “Ray Allen Drawing Interest

  1. dc21892

    Even with the expiring contracts of them 3, Garnett and his 21-22M is a wash since that’s about how far over the cap they are. They’ll have plenty of room to work with but they have to make sure they don’t overpay for mediocrity. I like Ray Allen, but there next winning team won’t be with him on it. That being said, if a contender with a young core like LA, Minnesota or even OKC is willing to give up a first rounder they have to do it.

  2. baseball52

    Bulls could use him if they take Korver back.

    • jwsox

      Wouldn’t be a bad trade for the celtics considering they can just buy korver out or keep him for only 5 next season but for the trade to work the bulls would have to add another player who makes close to 5 mill and probably a draft pick

      • dc21892

        Makes sense. Chicago is set for years to come. They’re one of a handful of teams able to offer a draft pick without hurting their future, and that’s what Boston needs.

        • jwsox

          The bulls are lucky enough to have 2 first round picks this year. Yes the bobcats pick is lottery protected this season, top 5 protected next year and unprotected in 2015.

      • baseball52

        Well yes, but taking Korver would be a condition of the trade. I could see the Bulls moving their 1st. They have to add more salary wise, but I’m sure they could make it work.

        Rose-Allen-Deng-Boozer-Noah with Gibson and Hamilton as the main guys off the bench could definitely win a title.

  3. Joobie810


  4. Benz_143fx

    They have to look or add more but not to draw Ray Allen for trade…..

  5. Lec42

    please not ray hes in good condition he could play another five yrs celts need him please trade trade the fake defense playing rondo you ever wonder why ray cant hit at end of games in playoffs because all game hes checking two men his and rondos get rid of rondo thereare no championships in the celts future with rondo we cant even win the alantic with rondo at the helm.

  6. Yavettezollinger

    Trading any of the core players midseason would be a Huge mistake…they still havn’t recuperated from the last trade fiasco….Keep KG,Pierce,Rondo and Ray and trade whoever else you can for a healthy center…These guys still have good run in them..

    • Charles Payne

      no way dude we have to make a move. All of the core 4 are very good pieces and vital to our team play. However this team as constructed just CANT win. And im speaking Celtic, so winning means championship. not playoff run. Right now we are 2nd or 3rd best in our DIVISION!
      Its not the core 4 ‘s fault this roster just cant get it done.. and J.o starting? Really? Really?

      • Yavettezollinger

        Boston has always been a team based on loyalty and history…note all the retired jerseys in the rafters…and it has worked for them note all the championship banners also hanging in the rafters…by core players i mean the big 4…trade o’neil IF and it’s a big IF anyone will take him and his 6 million dollar contract…any major trades should be made in the off season…or it will be disasterous..a bunch of new guys with no training camp is what has caused the slow start to begin with…i would actually like to see them (4) retire in green…i guess i am sentimental…but I am also right ha ha

  7. Wjlajeunesse

    don’t dare trade Allen!! He’s by far the steadiest player the Celtics have – not only a great shooter but a fabulous passer and playmaker – I will switch allegiances if Allen goes elsewhere!

  8. Susan Clark

    I love the guy, but move garnett!

  9. Susan Clark

    moving rondo will be a bad mistake long run, been saying it all along.

  10. Whosyourdolly


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