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Dwight Howard Intends To Opt In For 2012/13

6:40pm: The Magic are continuing to explore trade proposals for Howard, as the team believes he's reconsidering his decision to opt in, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Howard informed the Magic of his decision after he told three teammates about it over lunch today. (Twitter links)  

5:36pm: The Magic have given Howard until the end of the day to file the ETO paperwork, reports's David Aldridge.

4:11pm: Howard has also told several friends and family members that he plans to opt in for next season, tweets Alex Kennedy.

3:53pm: There's some confusion among Magic players as to whether Howard said he was "all-in" for this year or next, as CBS Sports and Yahoo! Sports report (all four Twitter links). However, as Berger mentioned earlier (linked below), other sources are still suggesting Howard plans to opt in for next year. Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld says (via Twitter) Howard met with Magic brass this afternoon and informed them he would waive his ETO. For now, the Magic are continuing to explore deals for Howard, tweets Chris Mannix of

3:35pm: The early termination option waiver is in Howard's possession, and he plans to sign it, a source tells Ken Berger of CBS Sports (Twitter links).

3:00pm: Dwight Howard has told teammates and Magic officials that he doesn't intend to opt out of his contract for next season, tweets Christian Burey of WFTV in Orlando.'s Sam Amick confirms the report (Twitter link).

Before the Magic take Howard off the trade block, the team will require written documentation saying that Howard has waived his early termination option for 2012/13. The documents, which Orlando hasn't received yet, would need to be signed by Howard and agent Dan Fegan, says Ken Berger of CBS Sports (Twitter links).

Chris Broussard of reported earlier today that the Magic planned to trade Howard unless they received some sort of commitment from the superstar. While Orlando would prefer Howard to say he'll sign a long-term extension, waiving his early termination option would be enough of a commitment for the team. However, as Berger points out (via Twitter), it remains to be seen whether Fegan and Howard will surrender their summer leverage by putting D12's verbal decision in writing.

If Howard makes the decision official, it would allow the Magic an additional year to surround their star center with reinforcements. The team would have the opportunity to pursue free agents this summer, and many Magic players would become slightly more movable with their contracts one year closer to expiring.

If Howard doesn't officially opt in and ends up leaving Orlando via free agency this summer, I think it's safe to say today's verbal commitment could become an even bigger PR misstep than LeBron James' "Decision."

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11 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Intends To Opt In For 2012/13

  1. Thomas F Giordano


    • Just trade him and Turkoglu for Chandler and Carmelo, Howard signs an extension and everyone is happy. Lets end this nonsense

      • Adrianranita

        Howard will be better at LA Lakers get a ring and trade for gasol

  2. BrickTops


  3. diesel2410

    Great…another year of this nonsense now

  4. James

    So if what Howard wants is to leave as a free agent, the revelation that they’re shopping him and he might end up somewhere he doesn’t want to be (Golden State) maybe made him and his agent suggest this as an alternative if they don’t put it in writing? That’s the implication if they don’t sign the papers. In which case, if I’m Orlando, I deal him for whatever I can get. That’s low. Reminds me of the Boozer handshake deal, but Boozer wasn’t anywhere near the player and didn’t have the post-Decision attention to deal with. I’m so happy there was a lockout to prevent this kind of stuff from happening…

    • jwsox

      That’s why this next few hours is goin to be interesting. If the
      Magic dont get that paperwork before the deadline watch him to be traded.

      It would be kind of funny for Otis smith to get that paperwork in like two hours then trade him anyway just to send a message. A year and a half of Dwight will get the magic a better than a half year of him haha. Boozer, omir, deng, bobcats 1st round pick, bulls first round pick and future considerations as well haha

  5. jwsox

    If in Otis smith I demand that the paperwork be signed and on his desk by noon tomorrow and if it’s not. Then he gets traded. This drama and back and forth that Dwight imposed on his team. Remember he started all if this. Has gone on too long.

  6. Mike N

    wow who has the cap space after next year??? Teams were preparing for cap space this year not next!

  7. bee1503

    If he doesnt care for a ring then he should take the offer that they are giving him with the Nets, Part-Ownership of the team and a huge paycheck. WOW thats big!!!! RING OR OWN A TEAM?

  8. I am starting too dislike Dwight Howard. He is an immature young punk. One day he wants to stay in Orlando and then the next day he wants to leave. He needs too make up his mind one way or the other. I am sick of his indecision. I am a Laker fan, and I hope and pray that there don’t trade for this idiot.

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