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4 thoughts on “Poll: Who Is The NBA’s MVP?

  1. My picks are: 1) Kevin Love, 2) Kobe Bryant, 3) Kevin Durant, 4) Rajon Rondo, 5) LeBron James. Yes I put Rondo on the list because he has the most triple-doubles and he can get one when ever he wants to. He my MVP, but these players deserve it more. LeBron’s second half is what’s gonna drag him down.

  2. ManBearPig618

    In all honesty, it has to be Kobe. Carrying a very mediocre Lakers team to a good record, despite a lot of distractions in LA this year.

  3. Kyle Gautieri

    MVP means most valuable player. The Thunder could play at the same level that they do now even without Durant, where they could put Harden in the starting lineup. Kobe is the MVP because they are nothing without him. They are an extremely tough team, and he is having another fantastic year. Kevin Love won’t win because his team is not good enough.

  4. dc21892

    I have to say Kobe as well. But I do disagree with one of the comments about Durant. The Thunder are nowhere near the same team if Durant isn’t on that roster, even with Harden in the starting 5.

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