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Sessions Looking For Long-Term Lakers Deal

Lakers point guard Ramon Sessions is expected to decline a player option for $4.6MM and become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season with hopes of returning to Los Angeles on a long-term deal, writes Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times.

Sessions said that he feels like he has been given an opportunity with the Lakers to show the NBA what he's capable of doing as a starting point guard, something that he hasn't been afforded in other stops along his career.

"It's crazy. My whole career, there's never been a point where I kind of had control," he said. "Now I've got control."

After leaving school early and barely being drafted in 2007 by the Bucks, Sessions struggled to prove that he had the talent to become an impact player in the NBA. From injuries to stints in the D-League to backing up veterans, Sessions often found himself questioning if he would ever make something of himself in the NBA. While he never enjoyed sustained success in any of his myriad stops before arriving in Los Angeles, Sessions showed flashes of brilliance with a Bucks team-record 24 assists in a game his rookie year and a 44-point outburst against the Pistons during his second season.

The former Nevada star was acquired from the Cavs at the trade deadline and has provided the Lakers with a youthful spark as the team's new starting point guard after trading Derek Fisher to the Rockets. Sessions, 26, has been a major reason why the Lakers are currently the third seed in the Western Conference with his 13.1 PPG and 7.1 APG since arriving in Los Angeles. Given his strong level of play and a chance to showcase his talents during the playoffs, Sessions will command a great deal of attention during free agency if he can't strike a deal with the Lakers.

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26 thoughts on “Sessions Looking For Long-Term Lakers Deal

  1. Laker Fan in Mississippi

    Sessions has definitely earned that long term contract.

    • Mega2ser

      Mississippi fan.I can understand your position, because you are too far from L.A. and you have watched only handful of games probably. Let me ask you a question. Have you seen last night’s game against the Spurs?That guy, you are saying has earned his long term contract was humiliated from 30 something y.o.Tony Parker. And Ramon is just 25.He is good ball-handler and can penetrate from time to time, but he is terrible defender.With all means of that word.And he needs to be more consistent to earn a new contract.

      • Spittaus

        tony parker is only 29 lol

        • magic703

          tony parker was a pro in europe at 15 give the man time sessions just got here! go lakers

      • Aktnguy

        Have you heard of NBA league pass, and NBA TV?


        my thing is session must learn to cover much better and protech the ball betterhe can score just be patient everybody in laker land he will be alright go lakers go deep in the playoffs maybe win it all you never know

  2. Mifan

    Mitch has either been brilliant (Gasol and Sessions) or ridiculous (Blake, McRoberts, Murphy). The consistency is that he gives exorbitant contracts to certain players.

  3. Mega2ser

    In order to get long term contract, R.Sessions has to show more consistency in his game. One night, he can score 22 points with 12 assists and in the next one be barely visible with 7 points and 5 assists. He has to realize, that this is the chance of his life,here. The Lakers are not the Cavs or the Bucks. They are the greatest franchise of this sport and the expectations are always higher and greater.He has to play really solid basketball in the playoffs, to earn his contract and increased paycheck.

    • Boblange325

      I agree with you. I really like Sessions and feel he will get better. He has not shown enough to warrant a multi-million $$$$ contract.

    • Nlruizjr

      don’t forget it takes time to learn the system and the players, Sessions will be ok, I just hope he’s durable enough !!!

  4. Michael S Glick

    sign him now >>> he’s a keeper at any reasonable price. We aren’t gettting any superstar PG that’s for certain.

    • Kidsmom

      I agree!! Sign him up for LIFE!!! GO LAKERS!!

  5. Lichief

    Ramon has been a blessing to the Lakers who were treading water, now they can swim against the current.

    I vote they give a little more than the 5 year deal they gave Luke Walton. It would be money well spent instead of warming the pine.

  6. Djlove06

    i think guy is great point lakers try best sign to deal. djlove say really know the point, rweally a true point.

    • Davesdc

      what language are you speaking?? please parents teach your children proper grammar sheeesh

  7. linda s

    Great guy…he should have had that contract coming in the door. He is a good player, great attitude, hard worker and I am sure will continue to benefit this Laker team. He can shoot the ball, make plays and I am sure he is going to get better and better. He appreciates the opportunity he has gotten with the Lakers and that bodes well when you WANT to be on a team instead of being pushed out to a situation you don’t want. I loved Fisher, but this guy has made such a difference. Time brings about a change, so we have to change with it.

  8. linda s

    Sessions has the appearance of the intensity Kobe has…I also see it in Bynum and Gasol now…can’t say enough about Metta…I think we are going to be the shocker in the playoffs. Kobe likes Sessions as well and he has made the point guard position exciting. I love watching him … and he is also pleasant. GO LAKERS!

  9. Bojohnsun

    Prove yourself when it really counts!!. The Lakers are noyt about the regular season, but winningb championships ans susstaining consistency. Do that ,make BIG NOISE in the playoffs, and I wi;ll be the first to yell ,”Sign him!”

  10. Styxambing1

    Ramon Sessions might not be your HIGH END NBA PG but neither is he a BARGAIN BASEMENT VARIETY PG and he is going to get better once he’s with the system… hopefully Lakers will give him a multi year contract!!!!

  11. Nlruizjr

    Lakers need to keep Sessions and add another PG for insurance and they also need to pick up Beasley!

  12. Nlruizjr

    I think the Lakers could have picked up Sessions long before they did but Mitch and Buss still playing guessing games, sessions would be playing alot better had he started sooner, it takes time, you can’t expect Sessions to be like an experienced starting PG, when he was sitting on the pine at Cleveland of all places. Be patient !!!

  13. Barbara Henderson

    We hope he has a career with the Lakers! Laker’s fan Queen B111

  14. please sign him now. We need him.. he is great ..I love watch his game besides Kobe.. He is good as CP, Rondo anybody else in that matter.

  15. Postman92701

    Sessions has shown more upside offensively to his game than any point man we’ve had in a while and his game has made the Lakers team better collectively. However, championship are won on the defensive side of the ball and Sessions is a no comprende on the D end. If Sessions is going to compete competitively with the elite guards of the NBA he needs to bulk up quite a bit cause right now, he can’t bang with any of them. I’d say give him an extension that he can’t refuse and let him work on his D as well as his physicality.

  16. Rob0474


  17. Bcoopbars

    Lakers need to sign sessions and get youger more effective bench players that can run…. More athletic players around him will make him more consistent

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