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Warriors Notes: Lottery Pick, Jackson, Myers

Tuesday was an eventful day for the Warriors both on the court, where they lost to the Hornets on a last-second basket, and off the court, where they announced a front-office shakeup, including the promotion of Bob Myers to general manager. Here's the latest out of Golden State as the team's season winds down….

  • The Warriors' loss last night was crucial for the team's chances of keeping its lottery pick, as Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group outlines.
  • The new GM confirmed to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News that Mark Jackson will return next season to coach the Warriors. "He’s good," Myers said of Jackson’s long-term status. "He’s done a great job."
  • Myers was in line to replace Larry Riley as the Warriors' GM in "a few years," but it only took 12 months to make the change. According to Thompson, who explains the reasoning behind the front office changes, Myers proved to co-owner Joe Lacob that he was ready to take the reins now
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24 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Lottery Pick, Jackson, Myers

  1. dc21892

    According to ESPN the deal is done. Curious to see the whole deal.

  2. dodgers33dodgers

    they needed to get rid of Biedrins contract if they traded monta…i dont like this move!

    • levendis

      totally agree man, i dont get this, for either teams actually. Jennings and Ellis are both SG who play the PG. If the bucks think Gooden and Ilyasova are going to keep this insane production theyre crazy. Bogut seems to be injured every year, not worth giving away your best player for him. And like you said that Biedrins contract had to go if anything.

    • sportsfan07

      And who is going to take Biedrins?

      • dodgers33dodgers

        they should of switched biedrins and kwame…if the warriors had to take on jacksons contract then they should of gave them biedreins! instead they gave up an expiring contract a good young PF and great scorer for an injury prone center who is good when he plays…and round 2 of Jackson!

        • sportsfan07

          And why would the Bucks do that? In every other world, Bogut > Monta because its a big for a small. That is why they had to take on Stephen Jackson’s contract and give up Ekpe Udoh. This trade was pretty even to me with the Warriors getting the edge simply because they traded a small for a big and they finally will be able to get better because having Monta being the best player on your team will never make your team a legitimate playoff contender.

          • Just a sports fan

            nooo way the warriors gm should get fired. He could of got way more from Ellis, Udoh, and Kwames expiring contract than an injured Bogut and Jackson. Bogut can not shoot because of the elbow. Being a Bucks fan I am very happy to see Bogut go. He got worked by strong fierce big men. John Hammonds for exec of the year

          • sportsfan07

            You will see. Monta being the best player on anyone’s team will simply not work. You can’t make the playoffs with him as the best player. Plus watch him and Brandon Jennings now will just try to kill each other for the ball because both players need the ball in their hands to be effective. Yes Ellis is a dynamic scorer. Yes Ellis is an incredible 1-on-1 player but in no way is he a good team player. Shoots way too many shots and shoots them inefficiently and he has too many turnovers. Couple that with his horrid defense and you have a really flawed player.

          • Just a sports fan

            We don’t know how him and Jennings will work out together but we do know Bogut is injury prone and may never be healthy again and we knowJjackson is a pain in the a** for all team he’s been on. Ellis might play defense on a team with a coach who stresses defense.

          • sportsfan07

            I love how Bogut is this and Jackson is this and then Monta MAY be this. A lot of Bogut’s injuries have been kind of a freak thing. Look at the Warriors when they got Baron Davis. Same thing. Had lots of injuries and then when he got to the Warriors he played nearly every game throughout his career. Not disagreeing with you on Jackson because he is one of the worst human beings in the NBA. Ellis though has not played defense in 7 years in the NBA. He will not start now. Him and Jennings won’t work because they both need the ball in their hands to be effective. Neither of them are really good at catch and shoots or anything like that so no it won’t work out. Plus without a legitimate center they won’t get above the 8th seed and will probably be eliminated in the 1st round.

          • Just a sports fan

            The way Gooden and Irsan are playing we do not need a legit center. And the reason I can say Bogut is this or that is because you can’t dispute injuries like you can dispute potential matchups.

          • sportsfan07

            Well if you want to believe that then all I can say is have fun having the same problem the Warriors have had for years. All offense, no defense doesn’t work in the NBA. And yes Bogut has had his fair share of injuries but not including this year, average games played in a season is 66. That isn’t too bad for a guy that is “injury prone”

          • Just a sports fan

            His elbow injury has destroyed his shooting and his ankles injury might slow him down. Sure he is a good defensive center but if he cant shoot and cant run than he is def not worth star status

          • sportsfan07

            He was never a good shooter to begin with. He is there to get dunks and shoot hook shots. Plus ankle injuries are different from normal ones. The more times you sprain your ankle or injure it, it comes back stronger.

  3. BrickTops

    Golden State Got Fleeced

    • Jakmagic

      As a Bucks fan I think we ripped off the Warriors! Bogut is so overrated and brittle! Bogut drove me insane when he would try to pull his wannabe hook-shot move. He does it all the time and misses. I guess I wont have to deal with that anymore. I cant believe we got M. Ellis and E. Udoh for Bogut and Jackson! Thats straight up getting two productive players for two that havent contributed at all this season! Brittle Bogut has been injured as usual and Jackson has been riding the bench all season. I am not even going to get into the self-fish / cry-baby known as Stephen Jackson! Welcome to Mil-town Monta and Ekpe!!!!!!!

      • BrickTops

        Yep, I agree. Golden State Got Fleeced. This one is not as bad as what the Bears did to the Dolphins today, but a nice Fleecing never the less! God Job Bucks. As a Rockets fan I am hoping the Bucks keep the Knicks out of they playoffs because we have their first round pick this year ( For the next 36 hours anyways lol) The worse the Knicks are the better our pick!

  4. markc28

    bucks got a steal here. the gave up bogut and got udoh and ellis!! warriors suck now. they wont be good til 2014

    • dodgers33dodgers

      unfortunately that was part of the reason they did the trade…there hoping they get to keep their 1st rounder this year, since its supposed to be one of the best draft classes in awhile…as a fan i dont like the trade right now…even tho i am excited to see klay thompson play more minutes!

    • JB Knox

      Does Bogut have an expiring contract? Or Jackson for that matter? I’m thinking they could have gotten a bit more for Ellis if so.

  5. BrickTops

    Did I mention Golden State got Fleeced???

  6. JoeyO

    I think the warriors weren’t good enough to make the playoffs and not bad enough to keep there draft pick (top seven). So they were in a bad spot. With this trade and with the idea of the warriors resting S. Curry until he fully recovers. They will be bad enough to keep there pick. Meaning this trade looks like Ellis, Udoh, and Brown for Bogut, Jackson, and Draft Pick (top 7). So in the end I think the warriors did well. Maybe not for this season, but for next season and beyond.

  7. Stupidwarriors

    Fuck you WARRIORS MANAGEMENT.. From the bottom of my heart and all other Warriors fans.. FUCK YOU. I should have went to the Kings game tonight just to hold up a sign saying “FUCK YOU!” Damn it Im actually Teary eyed and want to hurt someone over here, I was there when he was a rookie and now we let him go.. FUCK YOU LACOB!!! You had the last say as the team owner. Last Game I’ll ever watch is this Friday, When Ellis Destroys the Warriors at Oracle. Move to Seattle! The Warriors Franchise is no longer Welcome in The Bay Area. SAD Truth here is, We won’t be getting our 7th pick this year. It’s Going to UTAH. Thank you Ellis!!!

  8. Michael_Jordan

    Likin’ this trade for both teams. Warriors will have an awesome frontcourt in David Lee and Andrew Bogut (when he gets healthy), Klay Thompson will gain more experience. Bucks added some MORE scoring punch and a fairly good prospect (that I like), Ekpe Udoh.

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