Antawn Jamison Discusses His Free Agency

Charlotte isn't exactly a top destination for free agents these days, but at least one veteran has interest in signing with the Bobcats. Antawn Jamison spoke to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer about the mutual interest between him and his hometown team, and his priorities as he explores his options in free agency. Here are a few highlights from the veteran forward:

On the possibility of playing close to his North Carolina home:

"Being around [my kids] is very important. I want to see them every day. And when I’m on the road, when I haven’t seen them for weeks, I hear, 'When are you coming home?'"

On his meeting with the Bobcats and his upcoming decision:

"We broke the ice. To say there’s interest on both sides is definite…. Now it’s up to me. Do I want to come home to be with my kids? Or should I pursue the best opportunity to win a ring?"

On whether he'd sign somewhere to chase a ring:

"The only thing left I haven’t accomplished is to be part of a championship team. But the realization is signing with Miami or L.A. or Boston doesn’t mean it’s a shoo-in [a title run] would happen…. Spending two or three seasons [on a title contender] increases the chances, but it’s not guaranteed."

On which way he might be leaning:

"Charlotte is so much in me. It’s where I started. Might not be bad if it ends here, too."

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4 years 1 month ago

Assuming Jamison signs with the Bobcats, that’s not a bad overhaul. Jamison at PF, Kidd-Gilchrist at SF, and Gordon at SG is competitive …

What about the Mavs and Bobcats getting together on a trade: C Brendan Haywood (3 yrs left) and G Dominique Jones (1 yr w/options) for PF Tyrus Thomas (3 yrs left) and SG/SF Matt Carroll (1 yr left). The money works out even. Mavs get a backup PF for Dirk that has more upside than any of the other players, Cats get a backup C for Biyombo and a controllable combo guard. This would allow Mavs… Read more »

4 years 1 month ago

nobody wants haywood. the only way the mavs will get rid of him is thru the amnesty clause

4 years 1 month ago

Nobody wants Tyrus Thomas either.

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