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Eric Gordon Seeking Four Years, $58MM

SUNDAY, 1:21am: The Hornets are prepared to match a maximum offer for Gordon, according to Sam Amick of (via Twitter). Four years and $58MM represents the max salary the 23-year-old could earn from rival teams.

SATURDAY, 11:12pm: Eric Gordon is seeking a four-year, $58MM deal in meetings with the Pacers, Rockets, Suns and Blazers, reports ESPN's Chris Broussard. The Hornets' restricted free agent is also considering sit-downs with the Bobcats and Mavericks (Twitter links).

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10 thoughts on “Eric Gordon Seeking Four Years, $58MM

  1. Tired_OF_FakeRumors

    That’s nice for him, he will hit FA again when he is 27 or 28 amd at that age he can actually get a max contract.

  2. RFsnapple

    If I were the Pacers, I might look for a way to move George or Granger and get Gordon into that lineup, they’d be a scary team

    • dc21892

      I think Granger since he is making way more money and George is extremely talented and very young still.

      • WhoDat--WeDat

        Gordon is a restrict free agent and the Hornets have made it clear that they will match any offer. So if the Pacers expect to land Gordon, a young talent with all star potential, they will have to give up a player or players close to his value. That being said, why would the Hornets take the more expensive Granger over George, who is younger with more potential. You should consider both sides before you foolishly comment.

        • dc21892

          Point of my comment was move Granger so they have money to possibly sign him to an offer sheet. Read before you comment foolishly.

  3. sfsdgfdsgfgvfdbg

    River, davis and Gordon – Big 3 of the future

  4. Lynden Scott

    The owners claimed the players were making too much money-thus the lockout. And here we are, only 7 months later, with an owner who will pay an OVER RATED, injured every year (played in 62 and 56 games out of 82 the past 3 years – and 8 games this past short season), undersized 6’3″ shooting guard that does nothing very well. He is not worth 14 million a year. THE NBA KEEPS GETTING WORSE.

    • William3robertson

      To the Benson Family. Thanks for buying the Team first
      Off all. We so LOVE you for this. I ask one thing as a die hard
      New Orlean Football and Basketball fan, please don’t sign Eric Gordan
      To this new program. He will miss half the season hurt, the
      History shows. Don’t do it!!!!! Let him Go.
      HOOP THAT!

  5. Tdeemes

    The “sit downs” he is considering proves to me as a native New Orleanian that Eric Gordon has no interest in being a part of this franchise and this city which in our region actually counts for something to us lowly fans……I can appreciate a gifted athlete looking to cash in on his or her God given abilities but this tart can’t even stay healthy an entire season which I guess should show his logic in eyeing deals from Charlotte and Portland….they know a thing or two about mismanagement. We have a youth movement now and I am buying my tickets and jumping on board with these guys because now I know they are here to stay. I appreciate Gordon’s talent but I don’t appreciate who he is as a person and I personally want him and his injury prone ass gone to the highest bidder….why waste money on injury prone talent that doesn’t want to be in our city???????

    • William3robertson

      I Totally Agree with you on this one! Hoop That!!

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