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Howard Will Only Re-Sign With One Team

Dwight Howard says that he will not re-sign with a team outside his preferred list of trade destinations, writes Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.  The Magic star also denied using the term "blackmail" with regards to the Magic front office convincing him to waive his early termination option.

"There’s only one team on my list and if I don’t get traded there, I'll play the season out and explore my free agency after that," said Howard, who is reportedly seeking a trade to the Nets but would not name the team.

Howard also pointed out that he has been asking for a trade for some time, well before his recent meeting with GM Rob Hennigan and also prior to the dismissal of coach Stan Van Gundy.  While he may be eager to start again with a new team, he would not speculate on whether he could be ready for the start of the 2012/13 season after undergoing back surgery.

The former first-overall pick also fought back against suggestions from inside and outside the organization that he wasn't truly injured late last season and bailed on his team.  Howard also rejected the "coach killer" label that has been thrust upon him by some following Van Gundy's departure from Orlando.

While it appears that Howard is pushing for a trade to the Nets, the Rockets and Lakers are also talking trade with the Magic.  Orlando would reportedly prefer to send the big man to Houston or Los Angeles as they can offer a stronger package in return.


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12 thoughts on “Howard Will Only Re-Sign With One Team

  1. Mr Popo


  2. Wildcatkid65


  3. Luis Armando Navarrete

    his getting annoying

  4. Sbigdog

    He’s gonna be hated more than LJ#6…, at least lebron finish out his contract with the Cavs before he left…

  5. sk8alien

    i think the lakers should try there best to trade their backcourt for josh smith and dwight howard instead of size you get athleticism which in this day and age is more important


    It is obvious that Howard will only sign with the Nets. now, knowing that, why would the Lakers or Rockets trade for him???

    • Dr. Gonzo

      Winning a championship and possibly clearing cap space.

  7. Greg MacDonald

    The Magic should trade this turkey to the Washington Generals.

  8. dc21892

    If the Nets get Johnson, then Howard won’t be becoming a Net. Sorry about that, dude. Grow up, you’re a pro. You have a chance to go to LA and play with Kobe. You also have a chance to go to Houston who is looking to add a second star to pair along with you. There is no reason either of those two destinations wouldn’t be good for him. Houston would be building a team with him at such a young age still. It blows my mind how immature the best center in the league is. And my question is… how does he know he only wants to go to Brooklyn when he hasn’t been there before or given anywhere else a try or thought?

  9. BrickTops

    Everything is maneuvering. Howard’s camp is hoping to scare off suitors other than the Nets. If Howard comes to Houston I will boo him at home games.

  10. Booger22

    What happens if Deron signs with Dallas? Doubt he’d still want to go to Brooklyn…

  11. Justin

    Dwight Howard has turned into a whiny, entitled baby. Why don’t you put your head down and work hard for your employer like the rest of us? Get a life.

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