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Jrue Holiday Seeking Max Extension

Jrue Holiday is entering the final year of his rookie contract, which means he's eligible for a long-term extension with the 76ers this offseason. And according to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter), the point guard is indeed seeking an extension — for the maximum salary.

In 33.8 minutes per game for the Sixers this season, Holiday put up 13.5 points and 4.5 assists on .432/.380/.783 shooting. Those are solid numbers, but it's hard to imagine them warranting a maximum extension, which would be a contract starting at nearly $13MM for up to five years. If the 22-year-old is unwilling to compromise on those salary expectations, I don't expect him and the Sixers to work out a new deal this offseason.

Holiday, who will earn about $2.67MM in 2012/13, was also named to the U.S. select team and will train against the Olympic squad in Las Vegas next week, says Spears. The 76ers confirmed the news in a press release.


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14 thoughts on “Jrue Holiday Seeking Max Extension

  1. Phillykid

    Gotta give it to him unless you give him away for Dwight

    • Jalil SoulKid Phillips

      Are you joking? Holdiday is not a push over but a max player? He is smokin’ crack to think he deserves 13 million a season. He only averages 13 ppg and 6 assist! Lou Williams can do that and he is a 6th man!

  2. Jrueisoverated

    The nerve of a mid tier point guard who Didnt show up in some big games. Trade him now before we lose him to someone who will overpay for his mediocre play

  3. RhapsodyinBlue

    In other news, Jrue Holiday smokes crack

  4. Mike N

    he has the potential to be a max player but he ain’t right now at best he’s 7-8mil a year not 15+plus.

    • Hector Cortes

      Yea he’s a $6 to 8 mil a year player at best right now don’t know where this max money non sense is coming from unless he explodes this year and starts averaging 20 and 10 he ain’t getting no max deal period.

  5. PrettyBoy PeeWee Herron

    I’m a big 6er fan,but he does not deserve no max deal, he betta settle 4 the type of deal we gave Lou Will a couple years ago, or betta yet trade Him and A.I #2 to Orlando 4 Dwight b4 this stuff get out of hand.

  6. A MAX? This guy is a Decent role player nothing more.He will never be a All Star and is not a franchise player. Shame on him for thinking he’s a max guy.

  7. Sixereagles

    Let him go, and let someone else waste the money and realize that he’s a role player, and not a star, (at least not yet). Lets get some value for him before he gets hurt and loses the little value that he currently has!

  8. Sixereagles

    Someone need to get out some of the old Iverson tapes and ask him what does he think he’s worth again!

  9. DATRUTH114

    With the moves already happening, the Sixers has got to stop pussyfooting, or they’re in the lottery in 2013 for sure!..The Sixers need to stop baby sitting these integral core of one diminsional gunner, & defensive liabilities!..Not one of them has showed up in big game!..Lou walked, & hope he don’t find a way back either!..As E.Turner is clearly the PG of the future for this team!..So what is R.Thorn waiting on!..Please trade Jrue Holiday, & Thad Young to Toronto for Jose Calderon, & T.Ross asap!…Amnesty E.Brand 18 mil, & sign C.Kaman to 2yr/20 mil deal, & re-sign S.Hawes to a 3yr/21 mil deal…
    & DIS “DA TRUTH114”!..Froml the Sixers & go Sixers!..

  10. DATRUTH114

    sTOP THE FAVORITISM!…As a must the Sixers has got to trade J.Holiday, & T.Young to Toronto inexchange for J.Calderon, & T.Ross Immediately!…Amnesty E.Brand 18 mil & acquire C.Kaman, & re-sign S.Hawes!..They already re-signed L.Allen, now re-sign J.Meeks, & S.Young all for cheap..Sign J.Crawford to a MLE. Starting five Moultrie, Iggy, Kaman, E.Turner, & T.Ross..BENCH..N.Vucevic, S.Young, S.Hawes, J.Crawford, J.Meeks!..,This is just example , & OF COURSE…

    • Nazgul12000

      You are smoking crack

  11. CanadianBravesFan

    If he puts up a 17p/7a/4r/2s this year, then he a max contract (or just 11+ million per year) might be in the question

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