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Poll: Which Team Has Had The Best Offseason?

There are still two months left until training camps open and three months until the regular season, but many of the offseason's highly anticipated moves have already happened. There's plenty, including a Dwight Howard trade, that can happen between now and the fall, but it seems like an appropriate time to take stock of what we've seen so far.

The five teams listed in the poll have been in the news a lot this past month. The Nets landed the top free agent target in Deron Williams and pulled off a trade for Joe Johnson. Their crosstown-rival Knicks loaded up on veterans, but let go of Jeremy Lin. The Heat snagged Ray Allen from the Celtics, pilfering from a key rival. The Lakers got a top-flight point guard in Steve Nash. The Timberwolves missed out on Nicolas Batum, but added Brandon Roy and Andrei Kirilenko.

Of course, you may think someone else is doing better, like the Hornets, who added a pair of top-10 picks, retained Eric Gordon, and today acquired Robin Lopez in a sign-and-trade. Others, like the Hawks and Mavs, deftly cleared cap space for next summer's free agents.

So, tell us which team you believe is having the best summer. For a cheat sheet, at least as far as free agents are concerned, consult our free agent tracker.

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14 thoughts on “Poll: Which Team Has Had The Best Offseason?

  1. Ricky

    Why are the Wolves an option?

    • Hannibal8us

      Better question is why are the Knicks an option?

      • alphakira

        Because last year their option to back up Chandler was the oft injured Jefferies and Harrellson, this year it’s a guy who gives them what they lack – toughness and rebounds. Last year they came into the year with Toney Douglas as their PG, now they have 2 guys that can start. Their backup guards were an injured Baron Davis and a PG that even the Heat didn’t want. This year they have a facilitator in Kidd. Also, MUCH better bench options.

        • Hannibal8us

          So they added an aging back-up point and center, a below average starting point and lost their starting point for much of last season. I’m not saying letting Lin go was a bad thing but it hardly shows they improved that much or really at all, especially compared to the other teams on this list who gained legit quality starters.

          • alphakira

            You’re 100% correct in everything you said (though I think Felton is better than below average), but you’re leaving out the positives. Kidd is the type of backup they needed badly last year. A wily veteran leader that can still play (clearly Bibby and Davis couldn’t) and most importantly, who Melo and Stoudemire will listen to. A 23 year old simply isn’t going to tell one of the best offensive players in the league what to do. As for the back up center, while they’re old as dirt, Camby and Thomas – especially Camby – bring EXACTLY what the Knicks didn’t have last year when Chandler was off the court, toughness, rebounds, and blocking. As soon as Chandler got into foul trouble they brought in either Jarred Jefferies who didn’t contribute much outside of getting charges or Harrellson who was more interested in staying at the perimeter. I know they’re certainly not game changers, but Kidd, Camby, Thomas, and Brewer bring some veteran leadership they could’ve used badly in the playoffs. And I originally was nervous about Felton, but after hearing him in interviews and hearing that along with Melo he’s lost weight, I have confidence he can go back to being a solid guard that Stoudemire played MVP basketball with.

          • Hannibal8us

            I guess I view the Knicks offseason as more of a failure since they seemed to miss out on many of the higher talent players they were targeting. It’s like saying that the Rockets improved this offseason, yea they brought in some talent but waiving Scola and then not getting Howard just makes it all look like a failure.

            Do I think the Knicks improved? Yes they definitely did and I think it was a wise decision not to match the offer on Lin but did they keep up with the other top teams and more importantly the Nets? No, I think they’ve stayed relatively where they were in the east and that’s not nearly good enough especially as far as New York fans are concerned.

  2. Dmitriy Laktionov

    Where are the Hawks? Getting rid of that contract should put them at the top of this list.

  3. dc21892

    Celtics really aren’t on that list? They had a strong draft, brought in Terry/Lee and are getting a healthy, young Jeff Green back. Weird.

    • JB Knox

      I agree and was thinking the same thing. I think because other teams needed more than the Celtics it doesn’t look like a big deal, but Ainge has to be a front runner for Exec of the Year with the moves he’s mad ethus far

      • dc21892

        Couldn’t agree more. They kept the core with the subtraction of Allen of course but Terry, Lee & Bradley will all gel nicely. Oddly enough, they got younger as well. Not by much, but if all goes smooth, this teams bench will take a lot of pressure off Pierce and Garnett to where they can play 28-30 min a game and stay fresh. If they can do tht and stay healthy, this team has a legitimate shot to take on Miami in the ECF again and possibly win this time. Ainge had a phenomenal offseason.

  4. Sky14

    This Lakers team reminds me of the 03-04 team with Kobe, Shaq, Malone, and Payton. The individual talent seems very good but I think they will fall short like that team did.

  5. alphakira

    Who picked the Nets?! What’d they do, trade their young players and expiring contracts for the worst contract in basketball? That’s an improvement? Does anyone actually think adding a SG that’s on the downside of his career and has had issues with the coach is going to somehow make them a contender?!

    Clearly the Lakers and Heat have this category locked – and it’s not even close.

  6. Jaron Duenas

    Where the **** are the suns? We got Scola, Beasley, Dragic, Marahall, Brown, Johnson, Cash, and picks! All this off-season. Should at least be on the list…

  7. Jaron Duenas

    PHX SUNS?!?!?!?!!??!??!?!?!?!

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