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Which Free Agent Signee Is The Most Overpaid?

Each time it negotiates a new CBA, the league seems to prioritize finding ways to limit ways for teams to overpay players. Yet as the first offseason under the latest CBA demonstrates, there's really no way to completely eliminate deals that seem regrettable from the start.

Of course, many of the players listed below could exceed expectations and live up to their contracts, but it seems likely they all owe thank-you cards to their agents. Some, like Omer Asik, Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin, benefitted from the Gilbert Arenas Provision in an unprecedented fashion. Others, like Gerald Wallace, Jameer Nelson and Jason Thompson re-signed with their own teams for amounts of money and lengths of time that raised eyebrows. Feel free to use our Free Agent Tracker to compare these signings with others and see if there's another player out there who seems even more overpaid to you. 

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5 thoughts on “Which Free Agent Signee Is The Most Overpaid?


    Um Jeff Green? Was overrated with the Thunder, missed the season and the C’s payed him $36 million over 4 years? Terrible deal

    • dc21892

      He’s not overrated and that is very fair pay for what he can bring to the team.

  2. cseehausen

    Nelson by far.

  3. Visionsofsilver

    I was torn between Asik and Nelson. Both are mediocre at best and they’re paid an average of 8+mil a year. Ridiculous.

    • chris hines

      At least Nelson is a starter. Asik has only been a backup and if they get Bynum or Howard he will be again.

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