Players On Minimum-Salary Contracts

November 18 2012 at 12:59pm CDT By Chuck Myron

The minimum salary in the NBA is something of a misnomer, since there are actually 11 different minimums based on a player's years of experience. The rookie minimum is $473,604, while the minimum for a veteran of 10 or more seasons is $1,352,181. To offset that disparity and ensure teams don't discriminate against qualified veterans simply based on price, the league compensates teams who sign one-year contracts with veterans who have three or more years experience for the difference between their minimum and the two-year veteran's minimum.

As long as a team hasn't put itself up against a hard cap, it can sign as many minimum-salary players as it wants, up to the 15-man roster maximum. Every team in the NBA has at least one player on a minimum-salary deal, though teams with deeper pockets seem to employ more minimum-salary guys, ironically. 

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