Poll: Which Team Most Needs To Add A Wing?

November 14 2012 at 3:12pm CDT By Luke Adams

Although the season is only a little over two weeks old, a handful of teams have already seen players go down with significant injuries. The Pacers, Timberwolves, and Warriors are among the clubs to lose players for three months or more, having all lost key contributors at shooting guard or small forward.

For the Pacers, Danny Granger is expected to miss three months with left patellar tendinosis. Minnesota's Chase Budinger will miss around the same amount of time after undergoing knee surgery. And the Warriors won't even get Brandon Rush back this season after he tore his ACL in the team's second game.

All three teams have been linked to potential replacements since their players suffered their respective injuries, with free agents like Mickael Pietrus and Josh Howard discussed as possibilities, along with trade candidates such as Raja Bell. So far, none of three teams have made a move, but each club has the flexibility to do so, with fewer than 15 fully guaranteed contracts on the books.

Today's poll question is this: Which of these three clubs most needs to add a player on the wing? Granger is the biggest star of the three, but he should be back in time for the second half for the Pacers, whereas the Warriors will be without Rush all season. Meanwhile, Budinger isn't necessarily a top scorer in Minnesota, but with a handful of players already sidelined by injuries, the T-Wolves may be the team in most immediate need of a replacement.

So which club do you think most needs to make a move?

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