Collins Open To Trade To Boost Sixers Bench

December 7 2012 at 9:09am CDT By Luke Adams

We heard last night that 76ers coach Doug Collins was exploring ways to improve the production of the Sixers' bench, though it wasn't clear if the team was considering outside options. According to Tom Moore of, however, Collins did in fact suggest that trades are something Philadelphia would be open to.

"Would I?" Collins said when asked if he would be open to a deal for a bench scorer. "Yeah. I would. Can I? I don’t know."

Generally, trade talk in the NBA doesn't pick up until much closer to the trade deadline, which is schedule for February 21st this year. Players who signed new deals in the offseason also can't be moved yet, with that restriction lifted for many of them next Saturday (December 15th). It's possible that the Sixers could increase their efforts to explore the trade market at that point, though for now it sounds as if the club will look in-house to improve the bench production.

As Moore notes in his piece, if Andrew Bynum remains out of action as the trade deadline approaches, the Sixers may choose to target a big man via trade, rather than a bench scorer. Currently, Philadelphia has 14 players on its roster, leaving one open spot.

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