Odds & Ends: Gasol, D-League, Knicks, Nash

December 15 2012 at 10:08pm CDT By Michael Pina

There has been much talk that the Lakers should trade Pau Gasol. Ben Bolch from the Los Angeles Times gives five possible trade scenarios that could end up pleasing both parties. .


2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends: Gasol, D-League, Knicks, Nash

  1. Any news on why Chicago decided to break up their bench mob? I understand why they couldn’t keep asik but why dump watson and brewer and korver to the curb

    1. luxury tax. watson and brewer were each owed 3 and 4 million on options that were declined. plus the bulls like jimmy to replace brewer as they are basically the same player except jimmy is cheaper. and cj was inconsistent

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