Poll: Will Lakers Make A Trade Before Deadline?

The Lakers face a difficult situation heading into the All-Star Break with the trade deadline less than two weeks away. With the news of Pau Gasol's lack of availability for the next 6-8 weeks and Dwight Howard's inability to stay 100 percent healthy, Los Angeles must determine if being active in the trade market may make sense for the team. 

Some pundits have argued that the Lakers's system under head coach Mike D'Antoni would be a bad fit for incoming players at this point in the season. Additionally, the Lakers' best trade piece, Gasol, no longer has any value so long as he is recovering from his foot injury. Internally, Earl Clark has emerged as a key contributor for the Lakers after merely being a throw-in in the Howard trade last year, but Los Angeles may need more if it hopes to reach the playoffs. 

As mentioned earlier today, D'Antoni plans to speak with Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak regarding the team roster while in Miami on Sunday. The Lakers will be able to make a trade thanks to the disabled player exception which gives them the opportunity to acquire a player making up to $1.88MM this season. While Los Angeles may not have a wealth of financial flexibility to make a trade before the deadline, the question still remains whether they will make it.

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Brett Gailey
3 years 6 months ago

I think the Lakers front office is delusional if they believe Howard will sign a long term contract with them. He doesn’t fit the offensive mold that D’Antoni desires and hasn’t seem to grow into the threat they were expecting him to be.

If I were the Lakers, I would try to trade him to the Clipps or Nets and see if they can get a decent package of controllable scorers.

3 years 6 months ago

lakers will never help the clippers win a title.. theres no way they would send d-12 to the clippers… anywhere else in the nba yes.. paper clips. no

3 years 6 months ago

part of it is that they are thinking too much on offense. Dwight should be able to score 10 points a game just by running down the center of the floor to the basket. Gasol could arguably score 6 points a game the same way. Kobe has finally figured out that he isnt Michael Jordan and shouldnt be isolating as much anymore. If Kobe took less shots, he would be much more efficient and they would be really hard to guard. Kobe can have an easier time if he shared ball handling duties with Nash and played more off the… Read more »

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