Spurs Talked Blair Trade With Raptors, Pistons

February 11 2013 at 9:17pm CDT By Zach Links

The Spurs offered forward DeJuan Blair to the Pistons and discussed a deal involving him with the Raptors, but nothing has come of those talks so far, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN.com (on Twitter).  Broussard hears that the Celtics, Heat, and Trail Blazers are among the teams that could have interest in the 23-year-old.

Blair has been considered a trade candidate for quite some time and there has been friction between him and the club ever since he was effectively 86'd from the rotation in the 2012 postseason.  The Pitt product is seeing less playing time than ever this season, averaging 13.9 minutes per contest versus 20.2 per game over the previous three years in San Antonio.  

Recently, it was reported that the Warriors also have interest in acquiring Blair.

5 thoughts on “Spurs Talked Blair Trade With Raptors, Pistons

  1. this is why I didnt want to give up the flexibility. I dont see what the Heat will be able to give up here. They have the 76ers draft pick, but they have 15 guaranteed contracts already

    1. Blazer’s trade is possible but i dont see them helping a western conference foe.
      Celtics would never do that trade.
      Warrior’s have plenty of wing depth and dont see them trading bogut yet.

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