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LeBron, Durant Highlight All-NBA Teams

The league officially announced its All-NBA teams today, and there are no surprises on the First Team, with MVP LeBron James and runner-up Kevin Durant leading the way. Here's the complete list of players who earned spots on 2012/13 All-NBA squads, as voted on by the media:

First Team:

Second Team:

Third Team:

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9 thoughts on “LeBron, Durant Highlight All-NBA Teams

  1. yung holla

    Be nice to see Curry on at least one of the teams.

  2. omar jimenez

    james harden on 3rd team? What? Harden played better than westbrook. I agree that Wade should be over Curry, since the heat had a better record. funny how Howard made 3rd team, and he wants max contract. Good for timmy at his age to be all nba 1st team

    • FlaveFlava

      first thing I said too…westbrook had a nice season but harden exploded

      • omar jimenez

        i kinda contradicted my statement with the better record part since OKC had a better record than HOU, but Harden carried that team was a top scorer. When does top one of the leagues stop scorers make only 3rd team. Harden had good stats besides just scoring. Westbrook was really good, but Harden was great.

  3. dc21892

    Well deserved by Duncan.

  4. Sunny

    That is bull wade 3 team.

    • Manny George

      There are 10 Guards that separate themselves from all the others. The six that made it deserved to be there. Curry is “arguably” the 7th most deserving. As a “PG”, he has to improve his shooting %, his assist/turnover ratio and his defense. Before you make ridiculous statements about D Wade not belonging, you might want to do your research. All around, NOT ONE aspect of his game is weak. Top notch across the board in all categories and elite in others (like FG% and defense). If you want to put Curry 6th over Harden, I might be able to buy that. But you’re not removing D Wade. Truth is, Wade should likely be 2nd Team and Westbrook 3rd.
      Research = smart. Talk = dumb.

      Paul (PG): 33.4 minutes/ 16.9 points/ 48% FG% / 9.7 assists / 3.7 rebounds/ 2.5 blocks+steals/ 4.26 ass/to ratio/ 28.82 APER

      Kobe (SG): 38.6 minutes/ 27.3 points/ 46% FG% / 6.0 assists / 5.6 rebounds/ 2.0 blocks+steals/ 1.63 ass/to ratio/ 25.50 APER

      Westbrook (PG): 34.9 minutes/ 23.2 points/ 44% FG% / 7.4 assists / 5.2 rebounds/ 1.9 blocks+steals/ 2.22 ass/to ratio/ 26.42 APER

      Parker (PG): 32.9 minutes/ 20.3 points/ 52% FG% / 7.6 assists / 3.0 rebounds/ 1.1 blocks+steals/ 2.94 ass/to ratio/ 25.78 APER

      Wade (SG): 36.9 minutes/ 21.2 points/ 52% FG% / 5.1 assists / 5.0 rebounds/ 2.8 blocks+steals/ 1.81 ass/to ratio/ 25.30 APER

      Harden (SG): 38.3 minutes/ 25.9 points/ 44% FG% / 5.8 assists / 4.9 rebounds/ 1.6 blocks+steals/ 1.55 ass/to ratio/ 25.12 APER

      X Curry (PG): 38.2 minutes/ 22.9 points/ 45% FG% / 6.9 assists / 4.0 rebounds/ 1.8 blocks+steals/ 2.25 ass/to ratio/ 22.80 APER

      X John Wall (PG): 32.7 minutes/ 18.5 points/ 44% FG% / 7.6 assists / 4.0 rebounds/ 2.1 blocks+steals/ 2.38 ass/to ratio / 23.90 APER

      X Kyrie Irving: (PG): 34.7 minutes/ 22.5 points/ 45% FG% / 5.9 assists / 3.7 rebounds/ 1.9 blocks+steals/ 1.78 ass/to ratio/ 23.52 APER

      X Deron Williams (PG): 36.4 minutes/ 18.9 points/ 44% FG% / 7.7 assists / 3.0 rebounds/ 1.4 blocks+steals/ 2.77 ass/to ratio/ 21.51 APER

  5. shawn barker

    How the hell is Curry not on this roster?? He’s one of the best shooters in the league!!

  6. I would take Aldridge and Bosh over Griffin and Lee every day of the week.

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