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Poll: Will The Cavaliers Make The Playoffs?

Since LeBron James left Cleveland in free agency in 2010, the Cavaliers have won just 64 games in three seasons — that’s two fewer wins than LeBron’s Heat accumulated last season alone. But with a pair of No. 1 picks (Kyrie Irving, Anthony Bennett) on board, as well as an All-Star center (Andrew Bynum), there’s some optimism about the Cavs’ chances headed into the 2013/14 season.

In spite of the talent on the Cavs’ roster, however, there are plenty of concerns as well. Irving has missed time with injuries in each of his two NBA seasons, and he still doesn’t qualify as nearly the injury risk that Bynum does. Bennett, meanwhile, was the first overall pick among a class considered by draft experts to be the weakest in years. Throw in the fact that Anderson Varejao is coming off a lost season, and that the team will be relying on Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters to take major steps forward, and the question marks begin to add up.

With five legit contenders at the top of the Eastern Conference (or four, if you’re not bullish on the Knicks), there should be three playoff openings up for grabs in 2014. Many of the conference’s lottery teams, such as the Pistons, Raptors, and Wizards, will be looking to grab one of those spots, and 2013 playoff clubs like the Hawks and Bucks expect to return to the postseason.

If they stay healthy, the Cavaliers have as good a chance as any of those playoff hopefuls to earn a spot. But injuries are a real concern, and this is still a very young team. So what do you think? Will we see the Cavs return to the postseason next spring for the first time since 2010?

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8 thoughts on “Poll: Will The Cavaliers Make The Playoffs?

  1. ObamaDinoKiller

    If they do it won’t be because of bynum

  2. alphakira

    “With five legit contenders at the top of the Eastern Conference (or four, if you’re not bullish on the Knicks)”

    I’m really curious who, aside from the Heat, would be considered a “contender” above the Knicks…There’s going to be a lot of ‘experts’ that are blatantly wrong for the second year in a row.

    • HoopsRumors

      Most projections I’ve seen have the Heat, Pacers, Bulls, and Nets as the top four in the East in some order. Knicks are generally viewed as the No. 5 team, though it looks like ESPN’s projections have them lower than that (with the Pistons fifth).

      I’m still working on my own predictions, so I’m not sure I agree with the general consensus, but that consensus seems to have New York behind those other four teams.

      — Luke

      • alphakira

        I’m not saying they’re not predicting that, I just don’t understand why. I look forward to having you and other hoopsworld writers give your projections, as ESPN have been wrong quite a bit in the past. That same outlet had the Knicks as 7th last year, despite even fans such as myself knowing they wouldn’t drop lower than 3. I can’t help but feel most of the media goes by what others are pressuring them to predict rather than their gut instinct. You don’t add a former contender for dpoy and a much better upgrade to Novak as well as a better 3rd PG and somehow get worse. They’re healthier and younger with a great core and somehow the teams with major question marks get the benefit of the doubt?
        Where did you see that Pistons projection? I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it.

        • HoopsRumors

          Here’s the link to the Pistons forecast (Insider-only): link to

          They’ve unveiled their top five teams in the East so far: Heat, Bulls, Nets, Pacers, Pistons, in that order.

          — Luke

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