Atlantic Notes: Sixers, C’s, Raptors, Knicks

November 5 2013 at 10:21am CDT By Luke Adams

Let’s round up a few Tuesday morning items from around the Atlantic Division, where the Sixers still sit atop the standings despite last night’s loss to the Warriors….

4 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Sixers, C’s, Raptors, Knicks

  1. Watching the Sixers since forever. Thaddeus Young either needs to learn how to shoot to play SF or he needs to go. He is too short and weak to play the PF. Looking at how teams attack the Sixers its under the rim and rebounds. Spencer Hawes can’t cover two guys Young is too short to guard the bigger PFs in the league like a David Lee.

    1. David Lee is listed at 6’9″/240 and Thad Young is 6’8″/230. They’re much closer than I thought they were in size. I agree though, he’s a tweener, similar to Jeff Green, who either needs to become a legitimate deep threat or bulk up

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