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Clippers Emerge As Possible Carmelo Suitor

Many around the Knicks doubt that Carmelo Anthony will re-sign with the team this summer, and they believe the Clippers are the team most likely to land last year’s scoring champion, according to HoopsWorld’s Steve Kyler. Those same sources suggest the Knicks may try to trade Anthony to the Clippers before the February 20th deadline, Kyler writes.

It’s unclear whether that sort of talk is coming from Knicks management, players, or others around the team. Kyler also suggests that the Knicks would be reluctant to make Anthony a max offer in the summer, which would erode the team’s built-in financial advantage for re-signing its own player.

Anthony has made it clear he intends to exercise the early termination option on his deal and test free agency this summer, but it’s not a given that he would do so if he’s traded this season, Kyler says. The Clippers or another team could attempt to see if Anthony is willing to waive his option before agreeing to any trade.

Bleacher Report’s Jared Zwerling recently posed the idea of a Clippers/Knicks swap centered on Anthony and Blake Griffin to league executives, and it would probably take a star-laden package for the Knicks to pull the trigger on any trade. Such a move also require plenty of salary going to New York, since Anthony is making nearly $21.4MM this year. That figure alone would make any swap difficult, and it doesn’t sound like the Knicks are actively talking to teams about trading him, so the idea seems far-fetched, at least for now.

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46 thoughts on “Clippers Emerge As Possible Carmelo Suitor

  1. Marcus MB

    Knicks would be crazy to trade the heart of their team No one could replace Melo. No deal

    • damion

      The heart and soul of the Knicks is Tyson Chandler not Melo while Melo is their best scoring option he is no leader he doesn’t make anyone around him better at all, Anthony is a great scorer no doubt but the Knicks would be a better team once they trade him and get something back. I mean just look at the nuggets record since they shipped him out.

      • Tr3v5k1

        well the nuggets record is as good or better bc the Knicks pretty much gave them a team in exchange for melo and where are the nuggets now? they are a mediocre team that aren’t contenders, which makes them no better than the team with melo. at least he tookthemto western conference finals, they would be lucky to get out of the first round. this notion that melo doesnt make his teamates better is ridiculous. his teams efficiency is staggeringly better with him on the floor than off it. if not for melo the Knicks probably only win two games this season.

        • damion

          I’m going to respect fully disagree with you here the nuggets are a 500 team in a much tougher conference if the Knicks were a 500 team they would be leading their division right now. Please don’t mis understand me just because I think the Knicks should trade Melo implies that I think he sucks or the Knicks will become a great team overnight for they will get worse before they get better. Melo doesn’t make his teammates better, he forces them to take bad shots because he doesn’t get them involved in the offense when he gets the ball everything stops, the other people on the floor know their not going to get the ball back, when things go bad Melo forces up shots that are just god awful at times, their are instances where He is under the basket with two guys on him but he refuses to pass the ball out. Melo never runs the floor, he’s always trailing behind, and I won’t even get into his defense, well just a lil I just love it when he thinks he got fouled and doesn’t run back on D. I mean come on now you have to see that his knick teammates all fallow suit and do the same things he does out there.

          • Tr3v5k1

            LeBron is the best player on the planet and people even said he will never win a championship. All I’m saying is, if we are really going to compare melo to other stars and determine if he can win, we have to come to this conclusion when he actually has a championship team. He led a similar roster to 54 wins last season. The knicks have had key losses and injuries to their roster and he can’t do it by him self. It’s hard to make teammates better when they don’t succeed with their opportunities. Shumpert has regressed, jr. hasn’t been the same, Felton/Pablo has been in and out the lineup, and Tysons has been gone up until recently. Let’s get another star around him and see how that goes.

    • damion

      The Knicks are 9-18 with him playing so hard,what does that tell you?
      Last year was his best season and all they could do was win 2 games in the second round.

      • Tr3v5k1

        let’s not forget jr Smith and Jason Kidd had one of the worst playoff stretches ever, Tyson Chandler came off of injury and got abused by hibbert and Carmelo was playing the entire playoffs with a torn labrum in his shoulder

      • Julio Mercado

        It tells you that the talent surrounding him is not there. I have to agree that without Melo the Knicks would be lucky to win more than 20 games this season. Melo haters will always say the negative things about him and not look at the positives he brings as well.

        • damion

          I love the positives, I’m just overwhelmed by the Negatives,sure the Knicks wouldn’t win 20 games without Melo but their not winning a championship with him and that was the purpose for trading for him right? Or at least to become a viable playoff team not a sub .500 team.
          I don’t hate Melo I just want to improve this roster and he is the most attractive piece to another team.

      • Andrew

        The reason they won last year and not this year is because of Steve Novak. One word CLUTCH!!

        • D'Urville Christopher

          Novak=CLUTCH??? I find that comment very disturbing. Who is playing for this year?

    • ??????

      Trade him now

  2. Matt Gradient Fried

    I love melo but this seems the only place he can go. Lakers….no, just cause of Dantoni.

    • RedTigersWS

      Only team willing to use up the cap space for him.

      • Matt Gradient Fried

        These comments above us are retarded. I think people forget who owns the Knicks and the moves they made to screw the team up for decades. Melo is great and the reason why everyone sucks around him isn’t Melos fault, they live in NYC tons of clubs, girls and whatever. Thats why no one wins in NY

        • So what’s your excuse for the same not being applicable to LA or Miami? Teams in those towns have won many titles lately.

  3. Marcus MB

    Melo is not asking to go anywhere. Just look how hard he is playing and as a superstar at that. This is his home. He is the hardest working player on the Knicks. Is this how we reward him.

  4. Clippers would be crazy to gut the team in the middle of the season. Don’t really see the fit since Jordan has been playing well and including him in a S&T would be redundant with Tyson Chandler. If the Knicks moved Tyson somewhere else a deal around Jordan would make some sense. It would be something like Crawford (since his deal is un-guaranteed), Jordan, and maybe a first round pick since the Knicks don’t have ANY. Melo would have to sign at a bit of a discount though.

    • GQ1213

      The amount of games Jamal has changed or saved, I’d be hard pressed to give him up. He may not be a superstar but damn when he outshines some, he goes elite.

    • therealprof

      The Clippers’ mid-to-high 20’s draft pick is not going to do much. I believe the deal is rumored to be centered around Griffin, not Jordan. I think the Knicks need to be realistic and take a hard look at which teams actually have the cap space to sign Melo. The only large market team with cap space is the Lakers and Melo going to LA to play with D’Antoni is pretty far-fetched considering Melo is blamed for his demise in NY. The Knicks can play hard-ball and still sign him if they so choose. 5 years and 100 should do it, since its about what he is making now annually. If he actually wants to win, that number could go down to help with FA signings. Point of the matter is this, I dont see NY trading Melo, though I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I would much rather get more than an overrated PF and a first round pick in the ‘whatever’ range.

      • Why not wait until the offseason when Melo has the leverage. Clips can keep Griff and the Knicks will be begging to get any kind of return rather than signing outright. Cba doesn’t help with that but in order to get under the cap, you trade willie green, Jamal, and Dudley, with picks. Starting lineup of Melo cp Reddck Blake and dj

        • I agree. In order words, why gut the team for one man like the Knicks did to get the man they now want to trade. We see how well that worked out for them…

      • the Lakers don’t have cap space. They are already going to pay the luxury, and are trying to lose salary.

  5. GQ1213

    Stupid deal for clippers if it involves Blake or Crawford. They have been pivotal and are obvious fan/nba favorites. They are 2/3 of the entertainment and momentum of the team. Dj I can see, but Tyson is too old at this point. If melo really wants to win alongside cp… He needs to most likely go to LA on his own accord at a discount. Giving up what’s become the heart of this team is the last thing we need. We need a big three, not 2.

  6. damion

    I’ve been begging the Knicks to trade Melo ever since he made his statements about wanting to be a FA, yes it’s his right and by no means do I think he is a bad player but the Knicks aren’t going to win as presently Constituted, and the fastest way for them to get better is to move Melo and his huge contract which will only get bigger if they resign him which would also hurt their chances of signing any other good players,nobody wants STAT and his bloated contract so the team is stuck woth him for another season at least.Melo might get the Knicks a much need first round pick and maybe another allstar Caliber player in return.

  7. Marcus MB

    Only people that want Melo gone is those who want Knicks to lose. We ask Melo to play defense and now he is one of the beat out there now. We ask him to pass the ball and now he contributes to ball movement. Scoring less all for a possible win. I can see other teams smiling to the bank. Give me Melo they say. Take our trash.

    • The word is spelled lose, not loose. They are two different words.

      • Marcus MB

        Stay focused and on point. This isn’t a grammar test. Guest you aren’t aware of typo.

    • RedTigersWS

      Melo is so over-rated and he needs more pieces around him because he can’t win it all by himself.

      • Tr3v5k1

        so Kobe, LeBron, Jordan, magic and bird all won titles with no help right?

  8. it would take bullock dudley and griffin for melo plus another piece

  9. Don’t cite bleacher report as a source

  10. Lord Sincere

    I knew this when everyone was talking about Melo going to the Lakers to play along Kobe. Hellloooo.. the Clippers are in LA too. With Doc Rivers as their coach, his friend Chris Paul at the point, and Blake Griffin too. This would be a no brainer. Plus with DeAndre Jordan and Jamal Crawford, why wouldnt he go there.

    • He wouldn’t go there as a FA due to lack of funds. He’s not signing for the MLE

    • Well, because you don’t understand the salary cap, that is why.


    Honestly this trade would make sense On both sides remember last year when melo injured his shoulder we played good without him the ball movement was a lot better we was on a big win streak without him melo is streaky when comes to passing the ball.. one game he will pass the ball and then the next game he will ball hog melo is also a streaky shooter this year compared to last year… blake Griffin passes the ball He also hustles and plays defense and is perfect for new York with his highlights he’s young and we can build around him…. honestly what the knicks organization did wrong I’m “not going to blame melo for everything” what they did wrong was trade for andrea bargnani trading for him killed the chemistry Novak was a big piece to the Knicks success last year not only did he shoot the three pointer well but he spaced the floor well and also passed the ball well especially when he pumped faked the defenders Novak is absolutely a better player than Andrea bargnani is Novak didn’t have defense but Andrea doesn’t either chemistry is the key for a great team I would keep felton ..(felton and Blake griffin) would be great just like (felton and chandler) with alley oops honestly I would trade Andrea and melo to the clippers and we need a legit three point shooter like Novak give us jaret dudley at least he plays defense Or maybe Crawford someone that played in new York before melo and bargnani for Blake and jaret dudley/jamal crawford

  12. Kevin

    I don’t know I think Carmelo Anthony should be traded , He needs to be a Scotty Pippen not a Michael Jordan and the Knicks can start over for next year .they are not winning anything this year so get some draft picks ‘make the playoffs build next year.

  13. Metta_World_Bloop

    Literally the dumbest mother F’ers in here attempting to talk NBA…

    Good lord forgive them Baby Jesus

    • GQ1213

      The F’ing irony. Way to add to it.

  14. If this deal were to go down they need to get rid of Amare’s contract with that.

  15. Guest

    good lawd

  16. Easy Runner

    The Clippers got no tradeable 1st round pick until 2017, their 2015 1st rd pick traded to Boston, 2014 2016 picks not tradeable. 2017 pk not quite attractive. Technically, the Knicks should trade with the (also big mkt) Bulls, they (potentially)had 2 2014 1st rd picks (own +Bobcats 1-10 protected pk)….Deng expiring+Gibson+a pick for Melo, salary well fit.

  17. This isn’t to happen. Griffin has expanded his this year and has been winning western conference player of the week awards. The Clippers have played well despite not having key pieces Barnes and Reddick for most of the year. Why blow it iall up and bring in locker room cancer, shot jacking up, no defense Carmelo?

  18. tobias downs

    this report is BS

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