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Thaddeus Young Made “Soft” Trade Request

While Thaddeus Young has denied making a trade request to Sixers brass, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports hears that’s not exactly the case.  The forward has made a “soft request” to get moved before the upcoming February trade deadline.

Young hasn’t really “pushed the button” for a trade demand, Spears says, which could explain the 25-year-old denying that he has asked out of Philadelphia.  Young isn’t overly enthused about the Sixers’ rebuilding process and while he plans to play hard and be respectful, he would like to elsewhere and play for a winner.  In Spears’ view, Young is as good as gone.

The 6’8″ forward is averaging a career high 16.8 PPG with 6.7 RPG in 33.1 minutes per contest.  His PER of 17.2 is down slightly from his previous three seasons, but the former No. 12 overall pick is still a strong athlete and a capable scorer that most contenders would love to add.

Young might not be the only one on the move, of course.  Evan Turner could also be moved before the trade deadline and while he seems like the type of player a young club would like to build around, the Philly front office might have different ideas for how they want to move forward.

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9 thoughts on “Thaddeus Young Made “Soft” Trade Request

  1. Ed Charles

    Thad is a good bench player on a good team. Get a 1st for him if you can or a talented young player in return. Turner I didn’t like when he was drafted, and I still don’t. Get a 1st for him and be done with it

  2. Z....

    I wouldnt trade either of those 2 players

    • Why? Are the sixers gonna contend this year or next w them or have a better shot w potentially 2 more first round picks and a young player to add to mcw and Noel?

      • Z....

        I’ve already mentioned this stuff in the past so I wont go into detail with it, but right now, their core is good enough to just need another ballhandler/playmaker coming off the bench, and another shooter. Obviously they need to improve defensively. They still have those draft picks regardless of the fact. Thaddeus Young is a winning player. I’d want him on my team every day of the week. You can shorten your rebuild if you build around what you already have with cheap and talented draft picks

        • Thad is making a good chunk of money too tho. And turner is in for a pay day. Would much rather get a lot younger and bring in other players instead of adding 1 more player to them. We had jrue last year w them and iggy before that didn’t work out too well.

          • Z....

            isnt Thaddeus Young only making $8 million? Turner can probably be signed for $10-12 million per and Hawes at $8-10 million…When you say go younger, dont forget that these guys are all 25 and younger…They have a more complete core intact right now than before with Noel potentially being something as a rim protector and the development of Hawes and those guys playing better. I just dont think they are as far away as you may think. Maybe I’m not thinking enough in terms of NBA title contention though. Still, you dont know what you are going to be getting for sure when you are trying to rebuild with draft picks, and to blow it all up when you already have young players who are productive is risky, especially when you already have multiple draft picks that you can add to your core, and minimal things that need to be fixed like better defense, an extra ballhandler/playmaker off the bench, and another shooter…MCW, Turner, Young, Hawes, Noel, Anderson, Wroten, draft picks is pretty good to try and build around. Unless you get something really enticing for Young and Turner, or even Hawes, I dont see any reason to move them, unless the salary figures I mentioned expecting them to receive isnt realistic

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