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Raptors Have No Interest In Lowry, Heat Deal

7:10pm: Bucher has retracted the story via his Twitter feed, saying the information he obtained from sources was incorrect (All Twitter links).

FRIDAY, 6:02pm: An agreement in principle on the trade is “imminent,” reports Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report. Bucher also backs off the assertion that a Bosh return to Toronto was a definite part of the deal, now saying that Bosh and the Raptors intend to meet to “gauge his interest” in returning.

9:55pm: Norris Cole would head to the Raptors in this scenario, too, Bucher hears (Twitter link).

THURSDAY, 9:42pm: The Raptors are seeking to send Kyle Lowry to the Heat in a sign-and-trade that would also involve Chris Bosh opting out and heading back to Toronto, Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher tweets. The soon-to-be free agent Lowry and the Heat reportedly have mutual interest, even though Lowry has expressed a strong affection for Toronto.

The notion that Bosh, who would be a free agent should he opt out of his deal, would head back to the team where he began his career, seems an odd one, especially given Bosh’s strong desire to remain in Miami. Still, it’s apparently questionable whether he’d want to remain with the Heat if LeBron James left.

It’s not truly surprising that the Raptors would envision trading Lowry for Bosh, given that Bosh is a perennial All-Star and Lowry has never been selected for the game. Still, the notion that the Raptors are attempting to make the move, even as they’ve professed allegiance to Lowry time and again, indicates that they’re willing to be bold and leave no option unexplored this summer.

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8 thoughts on “Raptors Have No Interest In Lowry, Heat Deal

  1. Z....

    lol Ric Bucher is trash. Dont believe anything he says

  2. dc21892

    Bosh to Toronto? Lmao

  3. LordOfTheSwings


  4. Lee Ferguson

    I would only like this if it led to the acquisition of a now healthy Steve Nash from the Lakers whom they are trying to dump salary to make a run at Carmelo Anthony.

  5. mbrink12

    Bucher said his source failed him. This story is incorrect. Look at his twitter page. He’s embarrassed. “My deepest and sincere apologies. My report on Lowry and a S&T between the Raptors-Heat is wrong. I should’ve known better. I could not …be more embarrassed. I can’t explain why someone would go the lengths “my source” did to set me up, but that’s irrelevant. I allowed my zeal to break a story take too much for granted. I’d like to think I’m better than that. Yesterday and today I was not.”

    • Z....

      ROFLMAO serves Bucher right. He is pure trash, as I said last night

  6. guccci7383

    why would the raps do this. i thought they wanted to keep lowery.. and the return the heat are giving them is garbage

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