Eastern Rumors: Knicks, Miller, Deng, Ariza

July 12 2014 at 9:32pm CDT By Cray Allred

With Carmelo Anthony set to re-sign with the Knicks, New York can now focus on setting up a supporting cast to play alongside him. One name they’re interested in re-signing is Toure’ Murrytweets Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal. Here’s more from around the East:

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3 thoughts on “Eastern Rumors: Knicks, Miller, Deng, Ariza

  1. I question the report on Atlanta being back in the mix for Deng, considering they just added another wing player last night and can only offer him around the same amount as we are reportedly offering him. I think its just a ploy to try to get more money out of the Heat or others by adding another suitor

    I did see that Phoenix is in on him (which I assumed before free agency started)

    I’m pretty surprised to hear that about the Hornets and Stephenson. He would be a really god fit there

  2. Why would Phil be looking to trade Shump in order to get rid of JR’s contract? Then who do we have at SG, Wayne Ellington?!

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