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Lakers Waive Kendall Marshall

2:30pm: The move is official, the team announced.

12:51pm: The Lakers have decided to waive the non-guaranteed contract of Kendall Marshall, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter link). The team nonetheless has interest in re-signing him should he clear waivers, Wojnarowski adds. The move appears tied to the team’s deal with Xavier Henry, as dropping Marshall allows the Lakers to open $915,243 more in cap room after they used much of their available space on their winning amnesty bid for Carlos Boozer.

The move appears to signal that the team is prepared to make Jeremy Lin the starting point guard. Marshall would have provided stiff competition for Lin, having come off a strong performance for the Lakers, who signed him in December. The 22-year-old averaged 8.0 points and an impressive 8.8 assists in 29.0 minutes per game across 54 appearances, helping revive a career that had gone south seemingly ever since the Suns made him the 13th overall pick in the 2012 draft.

The addition of Boozer at $3.251MM against the cap for next season meant the Lakers didn’t have enough cap space to fulfill their agreement with Nick Young on a four-year, $21.5MM deal, as Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times noted late Thursday (Twitter link). That means the team would either have to renounce its rights to Ryan Kelly, whom the Lakers are interested in re-signing, or waive Marshall. I wouldn’t be surprised if another team picked his minimum-salary contract off waivers, given his cheap cost, youth, and production last season.

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23 thoughts on “Lakers Waive Kendall Marshall

  1. victor gonzales

    hope the rockets get ryan kelly and cut dorsey loose.

  2. Zak Arn

    Sixers should give Marshall a look.

  3. Jermaine

    I can’t stand Jim buss ! Why would you waive Marshall. Stupid, stupid, sick of these poor decisions ! Ughhhhh…..

    • Because he not a great shooter and he not really that great on d and the rookie has out shine him in the SL

      • Jermaine

        His shooting had improve, plus he averaged 8.9 dimes off the bench last season, and 10 as a starter, he’s a real pg, kidd was slow but was great in making the team better and Marshall will do that for LA get everyone involved that’s a true general…. if given a chance he can be a top ten pg in this league, mark my words !!!!

        • It will be interesting to see how Marshall does in Milwaukee. I will follow him and I wish him the best!

  4. omar jimenez

    Kendall marshall waived? Dude this guy has a chance to kick butt. Somebody will sign him. Houston needs a backup. Heck Cleveland can use this guy. Indiana pacers?

    • Giovanni Thomas

      marshall is a little slow to play in the NBA good player but his speed is what holding him back

      • Jermaine

        You guys don’t understand there are not many pg’s that have Marshalls vision, he getting 9-10 dimes a game that’s what LA needs a traditional pg. He will make players better, team ball you know !

      • Jermaine

        It’s not about speed, he’s fast enough to get the ball up the court and hardly ever turns it over and he always pushes the tempo, you don’t know what your talking about ! As a starter he was the man in LA. Look at his numbers he was 2nd or 3rd in dimes this past season, nearly no turn overs

  5. Are you guys serious? Have you been watching summer league? He hasn’t even been able to stay in front of guys there. His best “move” on defense has been to back up until he is under the basket.

    You can’t teach foot speed and he just doesn’t have it.

  6. All he did was turn the ball over and make bad decision..He had a couple of good games

    • Jermaine

      Don’t know what games you were watching but he barely turned the ball over but those other guys, Lin and Clarkson will lol. Marshall is a true guardian of the rock partner you don’t know what your talking about check the stats before you speak.

  7. Johnny

    Hopefully the Lakers sign him back

  8. Two words: Jordan Clarkson. Nuff said.

    • Jermaine

      Clarkson will be great but he’s not a Nash or a kidd type player and Marshall is ! He gets everyone involved. Always past first, getting the ball where it needs to be…. and at the end of the day that’s what the Lakers need a real traditional pg, at least off the bench hopefully no one else picks him back up and we get him back in 24 hours clears through waivers, he could be the future even though most can’t see my vision. The problem is to much of the game has changed, no traditional pg’s and no traditional centers hardly anymore. Smh

      • Jermaine, you make some good points, and I can see that Kendall Marshall does have court vision and the ability to pass that is rare in players these days. My concern is that he can be a defensive liability and his jump shot is only good when he is open, not with someone in his grill. I believe Jordan Clarkson brings better quickness and athleticism to the 1 or 2 position, and Lord knows the Lakers need that! There is more upside to Clarkson at this point than Marshall, so he is in the long run, the better choice between the two.

  9. Non la fan

    Only la fans can hate a pg who was 2nd or 3rd in the nba in APG. And he was making less than a mill! If Len gets 9 APG I’ll suck buss off. Maybe his D is like a wet paper towel but still he one of the best and only pure PGs left and for under a mill he is a hell of a bench warmer. Jordan is potential and Lin is over payed. Fail.

    • Jermaine

      Thank you !

      • Jerome

        At the end of last season he really slowed down a lot. He shot horrible and his assists per game went down with it. I agree early on he was a really good pg but by the end he sucked *ss. Pick him up if he’s available but I’d rather have Henry and Kelley.

        • Jermaine

          I feel you but that was only because Nash old but came in and screwed up the rotation and took his starting job you know, he was intimidated by his presenceand anytime someone else came from injury, he had to take a back seat… but he still ended up with 8.9 dimes at the end of the season and eight points per game that’s great for taking a backseat!

  10. Non la fan

    Yea he’s slow but if he raced Westbrook in a basketball game he would win. No one can run as fast as a pass haha

  11. james t rutledge

    I like marshall true point guard and can stick with these young guards in the nba

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