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Chris Paul Mulling Boycott If Sterling Stays

Chris Paul called the notion of Donald Sterling staying on as owner “unacceptable” and told Jeff Goodman of that he would seriously consider sitting out the 2014/15 season if Sterling remained at the head of the Clippers franchise.

“That’s something me and [coach Doc Rivers] are both talking about,” said Paul on Thursday, in reference to a potential boycott. “Something has to happen, and something needs to happen soon — sooner rather than later.”

News broke Tuesday that Rivers indicated to interim CEO Dick Parsons that he’d potentially relinquish his role as coach and president of basketball operations if Sterling wasn’t ousted from his the front office. Now, Paul is publicly echoing Rivers’ thoughts and also suggested that a group of other players from the team are on the same wavelength as well.

We’re all going to talk about it,” Paul explained to Goodman. “We’re all definitely going to talk about it. Doc, [Blake Griffin], [DeAndre Jordan]. It’s unacceptable.

Closing arguments for the Sterling trial are set for Monday, at which point the judge will determine whether or not Shelly Sterling’s sale of the team without her husband’s consent was within the realm of legality. Should Donald Sterling keep his position as owner, and if Rivers, Paul, and company follow through on their threat to boycott, it would be an unprecedented move by the group that throws the state of the Clippers’ 2014/15 season seriously into question.

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6 thoughts on “Chris Paul Mulling Boycott If Sterling Stays

  1. jamnj

    What hypocrisy!!! Doc Rivers knew exactly how sterling acts before becoming head coach, being a former flippers player. Chis Paul signed an extension , knowing how sterling acts. Did they cash the paychecks at the end of last year? HYPOCRITE!!

    • Form Follows Function

      Sooooo what are you suggesting? They just let it it continue and do nothing? At least they are willing to take a stand now. Calling them hypocrites does nothing. Everyone has mistakes in their past and there is no reason someone cant say enough and any point and turn a corner for themselves and others. I don’t care what has happened in the past this is an issue of here and now and i do not see a better coarse of action.

    • Trock

      Yea it is definitely not being a hyprocrite. I would assume that most players don’t have a ton of interaction with their teams owner (cough Mavs and Cowgirls) so how would they know he is a racist before this came out? Most people do not brush off racism so if they would have known he was, this would surely have arose a lot sooner then this year.

      • Jeffrey Moynagh

        Most people do brush off racism it is just that most people aren’t multi-millionairs who have the kind of pull in their organizations to do anything about it. Would you walk if your boss was racist? I doubt it. Most of us NEED our jobs and couldn’t afford it and our leaving wouldn’t really hurt the company. These guys are in a unique situation.
        I don’t think they are hypocrites BUT, if they weren’t secure with thier careers and future, i doubt they even talk about walking.

        • Trock

          Most companys have strict policies on racism to where you would not need to worry about it because if someone was openly racist and everyone knew it (much like the original poster said) they would be fired (in Sterlings case banned).

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