Raptors Stymie Rockets’ Interest In Kyle Lowry?

July 1 2014 at 3:34pm CDT By Chuck Myron

3:34pm: Lowry is thinking over an offer from the Rockets, Wojnarowski tweets. That’s presumably a scenario that would see him sign outright with Houston rather than via sign-and-trade.

3:17pm: Lowry is also considering a meeting with the Lakers, tweets Ken Berger of CBSSports.com, who have interest, as we noted below. Lowry already met with the Rockets.

2:41pm: The Rockets were trying to work out a way to acquire Kyle Lowry via sign-and-trade with the Raptors, but Toronto isn’t playing along, and that appears to have put Houston out of the running for the free agent point guard, tweets Chris Broussard of ESPN.com. The Rockets had reportedly viewed Lowry as a fallback option if bigger names proved out of their reach.

Lowry met with the Raptors today and is mulling an offer from them, a league source tells Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter link). The Raptors have apparently been preparing to pitch a four-year, $48MM deal to the Andy Miller client, though another dispatch indicated that they were thinking about tacking a fifth year onto that.

The Heat are reportedly attempting to set up a meeting with the point guard, too. The Lakers and Mavs also apparently reached out to Lowry, who this spring made his affection for Toronto clear while stopping short of promising a return.

6 thoughts on “Raptors Stymie Rockets’ Interest In Kyle Lowry?

  1. Let’s see if his word is good or he’s going to be like others Raptors who flew town. He’s gonna get a big money offer to stay and help build this team. He gets along with management and teammates which he couldn’t do prior to being in Toronto.

    1. If he wants to win, I think it will be hard for him to stay in Toronto because he will have 5 or 6 contending teams trying to sign him.

      1. If you saw any of his interviews after the Raptors had been beaten by the Nets, you would have heard him say all the right things. The main was WE have work to do here. The Raptors will offer him a crapfull of money to stay and help build a championship team. If he goes to the Heat, do you think he will ever see the ball after it crosses mid court? I doubt it. But if that’s what he wants then I wish him good luck.

        1. What else is he supposed to say? Of course he said the right things…he’s not necessarily looking to leave, but if he wants a ring or two, there are other teams that would jump at the chance to get him. I’m a Mavs fan, I know we’d LOVE to have him. If he goes to the heat, sure he may not get any shots, but his chances of getting a ring are about 1000 times better than staying in Toronto…even though you guys have a good up and coming team.

    2. Good for you guys. Looks like you got what you wanted with Lowry re-signing. I’m just glad he didn’t go to Miami.

  2. Rockets should sign Lowry and Deng for about $20 million a year instead of Melo. You get defense and a deep team.

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