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Sixers Remain Interested In Dion Waiters

There are whispers around the league that the Sixers have a strong interest in Cavs shooting guard Dion Waiters, according to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio. It’s unclear whether it’s also connected to the chatter Amico is hearing about a third team becoming involved in a deal that would send Kevin Love to Cleveland, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Thaddeus Young end up in Minnesota, according to Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune (on Twitter).

The Sixers reportedly had interest in acquiring Waiters when trade rumors surrounded the Philadelphia native late last year, and Waiters seemingly reciprocated that interest, with eyes on becoming the go-to guy in his hometown. Still, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wanted to keep the former No. 4 overall pick, so no deal came to fruition. Waiters nonetheless remained in rumors, and he was apparently part of talks prior to the draft. The 22-year-old, who’ll make $4.062MM on the third year of his rookie deal this coming season, reportedly believes there’s a strong chance he’ll be traded, one way or another.

Young has consistently been in trade rumors, too, and the 26-year-old has said it’s a possibility that he’ll ask the team to trade him. However, Sixers GM Sam Hinkie said after the draft that he anticipated that the combo forward would remain with Philadelphia. Young’s salary of more than $9.4MM for this coming season would help for matching purposes in a trade in which Minnesota not only sends out Love, but also Kevin Martin and J.J. Barea, a pair whom the team also appears interested in trading.

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39 thoughts on “Sixers Remain Interested In Dion Waiters

  1. victor gonzales

    seems to me to be a win win …

    PHI get Waiters and eat jj bareas contract and either brewer or budinger cavs get k love wolves get bennett,t young,future first from clev

    • They wouldn’t trade waiters and Wiggins they would one or the other.

      • victor gonzales

        i think if they can sign ray allen then they will move waiters
        and if james wants love bad enough they will do it

        • Cbake23

          No way!

          • victor gonzales

            waiters and kyrie are not going to do another year together … cleveland will not pick waiters over kyrie …

          • Cbake23

            I can see what your saying but I’d like to see what lebron and coach blatt can do with dion. Hopefully this year it won’t be the stand around and watch kyrie show!

    • Screw love send Canadiens to Toronto. For derozen and the center

  2. Matthew Hayden

    Sixers trade nerlens Dario Thad maybe future first rounder to t wolves, cavs trade Anthony Bennett dion waters and future first rounder to twolves, cavs get love, we get wiggins, who says no?

    • Kevin6CD

      Philadelphia. Sixers are essentially trading Young, Saric, Noel and a 1st for Andrew Wiggins. That’s too much to give up, not to mention that Minnesota would probably insist on acquiring Wiggins to begin with.

      • Derrick Braun

        Sixers will never trade Noel your insane he is the future of the franchise. The organization has put to much time into him and his rehab. The team is being built around him.

        • Kevin6CD

          Read my comment again please. I said Philly wouldn’t do the deal he suggested.

        • Rhett Bogan

          Thank you Derrick. What do these dudes do? Sit around all day thinking they have all the perfect trade answers? And most come up with some of the dumbest shit….Just glad we have real thinkers in charge now and not sheep who go along with what the read in the media or worst, Stupid Fans…..

      • bcaldwell507

        I totally agree

      • Chris

        I wish that it was possible to smack you for even suggesting such a terrible trade.

      • troc66

        I say no..thats incredibly stupid…. we trade noel and saric and a first rounder for WIGGINS….no dude…hes the most overhyped players in history (this was meant towards going to matthew hayden

        • Rhett Bogan

          Yeah That dude Mathew needs a Check up from the Neck up Real Bad……LOL

          • Matthew Hayden

            LOL it was a question, hypothetical situation, a no could have sufficed

    • bcaldwell507

      Way too much to give up for Wiggins

    • No way do Sixers make that move. But it would be nice if they add a shooter with experience

  3. Cbake23

    We are not trading Wiggins and Waiters. You must be out of your mind! Waiters gonna be a BEAST.

    • Zemeithian Watson

      The only way I see all wiggins Bennett and waiters being traded is in a 3 team deal which would cost us thad cavs only gone trade wigs and benn for love and waiters might end up with us due to us sending thad to the T wolves

  4. Wouldn’t trade Noel for wiggins or waiters straight up

    • Zemeithian Watson

      Agreed that would be a huge step backwards im not trying to sit through this stressful ass tanking just for us to trade key players all sixers don’t want thad to go but he most likey gone opt out of his last year and im not mad at him but I hope we can get to a good team and get some valuable from his trade

    • Cbake23


  5. Mann808

    Waiters is beast and he’s only going to get better. I’d hate to see him go but Wiggins does soften the blow. I don’t think the Cavs have given him a fair shot anyway. He’s got starter skills and shouldn’t be coming off the bench.

    • James

      Waiters I think is best served as the primary ball handler seeing as he’s a ball dominant guard. Waiters is going into his 3rd season next year and still hasn’t shown the ability or willingness to mature. Granted he’s still young. But the cavs can’t win anything with a starting backcourt of Irving and waiters. Chemistry is just as important, if not more, than talent. With that being said waiters deserves to come of the bench. He’s a volume shooter. Volume shooters make great 6th man.

    • mrmarcus05

      To the Cavs’ defense, Mike Brown isn’t the best at utilizing the strengths of players.

  6. Cbake23

    I think waiters would thrive in philly. Me being a cavs fan I love what waiters does. I agree he hasn’t been used correctly here. I think the sky’s the limit for him though. I would personally rather trade wiggins than waiters.

  7. Sports skeptic

    I am reading these comments and I am truly astonished. It is clear that the Sixers are looking for unselfish players who are willing to play on the defensive end, a la San Antonio. Waiters is the antithesis of this. He is another Evan Turner. There’s a reason the Cavs want to unload him. And for those very reasons, the Sixers should walk away.

    • JulianW

      I don’t understand this either. All these scenarios have the Sixers giving up one of their best assets in Thad (and many include a future first as well) all for Waiters. Waiters is a selfish shoot-first player who by all accounts appears to be a locker room cancer. The only argument for this is that he will improve the Philly offense next year, and that’s not really in this team’s best interests. Waiters could potentially kill team chemistry and steal opportunities for MCW or Noel to develop offensively. No thanks to Waiters.

  8. miloelfnic

    I think the Cavs would be foolish to lose either Wiggins or waiters. Give them a year with Le Bron and they still make the playoffs to get the experience and then if Love makes himself available, far out and fantastic. The Cavs do not need to get Love right now. With all those 1st round picks this team is destined to be a monster without Mr. Love. Why isn’t anyone talking about that?

    • Roger

      If they wait til mid season they will have maybe 30 games together before a playoff run. If we are gonna trade for him do it now. Chemistry is very important. You expect a rookie coach and the team to change their scheme and learn to play together 2 months before the playoffs? Not a great idea. And he will not sign here if we wait Tom he’s a free agent. And draft picks? We have had nothing but draft picks and it has won us shit. A Top Ten player will not fall into our laps again. And I’m sick of waiting for a title , I can’t believe how many people are willing to wait.

  9. miloelfnic

    I pray the basketball Gods listen! There is a thing called chemistry and there is no guarantee that works with love. I would not trade Wiggins potential and defense for Love.

    • Roger

      Do you want a championship? Because getting Love all but guarantees one. Every one is talking about the team in the future . how about we win a title and then we can worry about 5 years from now. Love is a top ten player and you don’t want him because Wiggins might be as good as Love years from now? Lebron signed for 2 years and in 2017 there could GE a season long strike. Are you willing to possibly waste 3 of Lebrons 5 prime years that he has left m? hoping that these young guys develop enough to get us there later? Cuz I’m not . In case you hadn’t noticed we haven’t won a title in 50 years. And getting Love drops one or more into our laps.

  10. miloelfnic

    I love defense, but Love does not…..

  11. Fan Mob

    I’m from Philly this will be a bad move to bring back Dion to the city. He will get into too much. I love my city but when u make it out u don’t want to come back

  12. Ty Corbin

    I think the best way to get this job done is to have a three team trade with the

    Sixers: Waiters and Bennett

    Cavs: Love, Martin, and Barea

    Wolves: Young, Wiggins, 2 first rounds (1 sixers, 1 Cavs)

    It would b dumb for the cavs to trade away both wiggins and waiters but in order to get love they have to cut ties with waiters contract & the Wolves want wiggins while giving up Martin and Barea for contract reasons

  13. Doctor J

    The Cavs just need to keep who they have!!!!! theyre gonna be an amazing team the cavs orginization could turn into a dynasty if they keep all their young players and wiggins is gonna end up to be better than Love and the Cavs are NOT going to trade Wiggins.

  14. David Jaulus

    The idea of potentially having Dion Waiters next to MCW should rightfully be intriguing for Philly! Waiters who sees himself as a legit 1st offensive option and MCW has already proven himself to be a hell of a distributor. Who would the Cavs 2 be though? Kevin Martin is a perfect sixth man, but not a starter!

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