Week In Review: 7/14/14 – 7/20/14

July 20 2014 at 2:11pm CDT By Zach Links

Now that the Cavs have landed LeBron James, could Kevin Love be next?  LeBron reached out to Love to let him know he wants him to come to Cleveland and the Cavs are reportedly willing to include Andrew Wiggins in a deal.  Meanwhile, the Warriors are still in it and they may or may not be willing to part with Klay Thompson to swing a trade for Love.  Here’s more from the week that was..

3 thoughts on “Week In Review: 7/14/14 – 7/20/14

  1. If LeBron told Kevin Love to try and get himself traded to Cleveland then that is collusion and LeBron could be suspended from the league. Now do we really think that happened? No of course not.

    1. Do we really think the league that has the worst drug testing policy of the 4 major sports would suspend its most marketable player when that league is incredibly star driven? No, of course not.

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