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Ricky Rubio Seeks Five-Year Max Deal

Dan Fegan is aiming high for client Ricky Rubio in rookie scale extension talks with the Timberwolves, asking for a five-year, maximum-salary deal, reports Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities (Twitter link). It’s unclear how steadfastly Fegan will stick to that price, but it seems an indication that he and Rubio are in no mood to accept a discount after a season in which the point guard failed to crack 10 points per game in spite of career-best averages in assists (8.6) and turnovers (2.7).

The sides opened extension talks on July 1st, the first day such negotiations could begin. Rubio is eligible to sign an extension anytime before October 31st, and he’d be set for restricted free agency next summer if no extension happens by that date. A five-year deal would make him the team’s Designated Player, meaning no other player coming off a rookie scale contract would be eligible for an extension of that length as long as Rubio’s extension is on Minnesota’s books.

Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune wrote in April that he expected Fegan to ask for a deal closer to the max than to Stephen Curry‘s bargain four-year, $44MM deal, so the Wolves likely expected tough negotiations, even if they weren’t quite prepared for Fegan to go for the max. The precise value of a maximum-salary extension for Rubio wouldn’t be known until next July, after he already would have signed it, but John Wall‘s five-year max extension with the Wizards, which kicks in for this coming season, will total $84,789,500.

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20 thoughts on “Ricky Rubio Seeks Five-Year Max Deal

  1. victor gonzales

    i would love rockets to make a trade for rubio … he could get ariza and harden good looks.

    • Yamsi12

      Tgat he wants a max deal after averaging under 10 pts a game is laughable. Guy doesn’t know how to shoot for a guard.

      • victor gonzales

        he is going to develop still young … im sure his nmbers are similiar to gary payton,kevin johnson,rod stickland at the same age i would like to see him go to a better team and we will see how he looks at age 28

        • Zak Arn

          They all shot 10% better from the field than Rubio right off the bat. He’s more like Jason Williams – not anywhere near worthy of a max deal on any team.

          • victor gonzales

            williams was a turnover machine … yes he got better later in his career at taking care of the rock … i dont think rubio is a maxx player but look at whos getting max dollars .. heywood,parsons… he is right in line with those guys .. i still think he improves and can be a great player.

          • Zak Arn

            Those guys can score though. Maybe Jamaal Tinsley is a comparison? He’s shooting under 40% from the field.

          • victor gonzales

            and guess what jamaal got PAID when he was with the pacers….he could be the next steve nash … go back and look at nashs numbers first 3 years in …

          • Z....

            Steve Nash is also considered one of the best shooters of all time at the PG spot.

          • victor gonzales

            nash didnt start off that way …

      • LeT the sparks fly

        You must be confusing shooting guard and point guard, point guards can score but focus on passing and managing the offense.

  2. hungblunt

    That takes a lot of balls to ask for that much money for being the worst finisher in the league at the rim with no mid-range jumper, and an OK set 3 point shot. Go f*** yourself, Ricky. Signed, Wolves fan.

    • LeT the sparks fly

      Your a f**king idiot if scoring is all u care about the YOU should go fu*k yourself! Ricky can assist and make good choices, if the twolves had a better field goal percentage he would of average 15 assists a game! Plus did you f**king forget that he average 19 points a game when love was gone. Signed all the open minded wolves fans in the world, don’t worry Ricky your still awesome

      • hungblunt

        I love Ricky, great defender, passer, teammate, and Wolves are better with him then without. I hope he stays, but if he wants max money, he is delusional.

        • Jeffrey Moynagh

          I agree. He does most things well but his shooting is so bad it hurts everything else. If he shot even 45% he would be an all-star and maybe worth max money. Right now, 4/44 like Curry is the most he should get.

          • LOL! He’s not even close to 11 million a year. He should be paid what Isaiah Thomas makes 7 Million a year. 11 Million dollar money is for all-stars and Rubio is clearly not one.

          • Jeffrey Moynagh

            I agree. I meant it that that is where he should have started his asking price knowing it would need to go down.

            Right now, yes, 7 mil is about right for him. Maybe a 3/21 so if he improves he can get the raise he wants but if not, the Wolves aren’t stuck

  3. Zak Arn

    He’s a better backyard wrestler than he is a jump shooter.

  4. Kevin Luczak

    If he was an “All-Star” basketball player, I would be all for it. But the fact is that he is a mediocre shooter with a few good passes. Ricky, I think you would be better served playing for the Harlem Globetrotters. Of course, they can’t offer you the max salary.

  5. Z....

    I’d pay him $8 million per on a 3 year deal at most. Thats probably a little more than he is worth too. It would be more like a 3 year/$20 million type of deal

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