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Cavs Pursuing Kevin Love

12:33pm: Multiple executives from around the league indicated to Ken Berger of CBSSports that Wiggins would be in play in a Cavs trade for Love, which runs counter to earlier reports (Twitter link).

FRIDAY, 8:09am: Belief that the Cavs wouldn’t part with Wiggins in a trade for Love continues to grow, tweets Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities, and a Cavs source told Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio on Thursday that Wiggins is untouchable (Twitter link).

WEDNESDAY, 5:07pm: Rival executives tell Chris Mannix of that the Wolves are giving no indication that they are in a rush to make a deal with Cleveland (Twitter link).

4:24pm: Wiggins would have to be part of any deal for Love, Krawczynski tweets.

4:01pm: The Cavs are indeed pursuing a trade for Love contingent on their ability to sign James, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

1:24pm: The Cavs spoke to agent Rich Paul, the representative for LeBron James, about trade scenarios that would allow Cleveland to acquire Kevin Love, report Sam Amico and Zac Jackson of Fox Sports Ohio. Cavs officials told Paul that engineering such a trade wouldn’t be easy, a source tells Amico and Jackson, and the source added that Cleveland is reluctant to include Andrew Wiggins in a Love trade. Wiggins’ camp doesn’t believe the Cavs are considering trading him, according to USA Today’s Sam Amick (Twitter link).

Cleveland and Minnesota have reportedly engaged in exploratory discussions regarding Love, but those apparently came to an end when the Cavs learned that Love, who can hit free agency next year, wouldn’t re-sign with them. That would change if the Cavs can sign James, as Love is “100%” on board with the idea of staying in Cleveland long-term to play with the four-time MVP, as ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported late last month.

There’s plenty of competition for Love, and Wolves president of basketball operations Flip Saunders seems in no rush to deal his star power forward, even though it’s clear he wants to leave Minnesota. It’s indeed difficult to imagine Saunders giving the OK to deal with Cleveland that didn’t include Wiggins, as Jon Krawczynski of The Associated Press observes (on Twitter), but the Cavs aren’t without other intriguing trade assets, one of which I explained Tuesday.

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28 thoughts on “Cavs Pursuing Kevin Love

  1. I don’t understand… Was it not rumoured they were willing to include the #1 overall pick before the draft? Now they don’t want too? And isn’t james only staying for 2 years?

    • Kevin6CD

      Maybe the Cavs didn’t think they were going to get a chance to draft Wiggins at #1? /s

    • HoopsRumors

      There was some back-and-forth on whether they wanted to include that pick. But things change — at one point, that pick seemed more likely to be Joel Embiid than Wiggins, so perhaps the Cavs view them differently as it relates to Love.


  2. Todd Asmus

    Wolves aren’t letting Love go for pennies… already evident from ignoring Boston trade offers, and not pulling the trigger on GS deals without Klay and Barnes included. Wiggins has to be part of a package to land Love.

  3. Trock

    If you can land Love (a proven guy) for Wiggins and a few other minor pieces, why not? If you can have a lineup of LeBron (this all only happens if LeBron is back in Ohio) Irving, and Love; that would be a tough lineup to beat, and they would still have other role players to help the team out.

  4. TheCrippler

    If Love told Minnesota that he will not resign with any other team except Cleveland (assuming they land Lebron), then the Timberwolves lose a ton of leverage when trying to trade him to another team. Sure there are a lot of teams interested in Love, but how many are going to give up a ton for a rental?

    Love could be had for a package centered around Waiters and draft picks, I don’t think Wiggins would have the be included.

    • Sky14

      He hasn’t said that so its a moot point and doubt Minny would trade him for such a pittance. They could get more than that in a sign-and-trade next off-season. The Cavs were interested in trading the first pick, thompson plus more earlier, don’t get why they would get cold feet now.

      • TheCrippler

        Love would still have to agree to any sign and trade,so if he tells Minnesota I will not resign with any other team except Cleveland, they still have no leverage, even in a trade with Cleveland.

        Odds are he would rather get the most money, but the Wolves have no leverage….they can either take the package offered or lose him in free agency for nothing. So do you actually think that they will give up a young guy like Waiters and a haul of draft picks? Look what the Cavs did with those picks, they turned them into Irving, Thompson, Bennett and Wiggins…..better than the garbage they had there in Lebron’s first 7 years with the team.

        • Sky14

          You seem to miss the point that Love has never said that so this hypothetical leverage you talk about doesn’t exist.

          • TheCrippler

            No, I understand that….and in my original post I said “IF”.

  5. Sky14

    Been calling this all offseason. Makes too much sense with the Cavs assets, talent cap room and their probability to land Lebron. It likely will take Wiggins, Thompson and draft picks but would still leave the Cavs in a great position.

  6. wolves want the best so you got to give them the best. but what if lebron leaves they are back at square one with no SF.

  7. Mike Query

    I look forward to watching Minnesota end up settling on a deal mid season because Flip Saunders wants to be stubborn.

  8. jarek redman

    These scenarios are getting outrageous. Now Cleveland wants to part with Wiggins for Love, and they haven’t even signed LeBron yet. This organization is going to feel stupid when it comes away with nothing.

    • buffalonichols

      Man, you nailed that one.

      • jarek redman


    • Tribe82

      Chris Broussard, is that you?

  9. uberalec

    As a Mavericks fan at least hoping for a chance to meet with James people… If I am Cleveland, moving Wiggins and picks to get Kevin Love to add to Kyrie…. that would be hard for Lebron not to at least seriously look at. Even if Wiggins goes on to be the player of a generation, you have the chance of fielding a team made of Love, James, & Irving. Pull the trigger.

  10. TigerFan1968

    Cleveland always hard to figure out. If they get Lebron , why do they need Love ?
    They have a terrific young team. Do you not think Lebron alone will make each player 20 per cent better. Irving,Lebron and a supporting cast. Enough.

    • Tribe82

      You can never have too much. Cavs haven’t been a .500 team in awhile – Lebron will need more help than the existing structure.

  11. hungblunt

    Who the hell does Cleveland expect to give up to get Love?
    Dion Waiters, Joe Harris, and Anthony Bennett? Ugh.
    The Cavs are delusional if they think they can get Love without giving up Wiggins.

    • LBCknickerbocker3

      its going to take wiggins, its been reported that the Cavs know that

    • Jeffrey Moynagh

      Yep, Wiggins will have to be included. But really, Wiggins COULD be a great player, Love IS a great player at 25(?). James is 29 with a LOT of miles on his body. he can’t wait for Wiggins to turn out to be great in 3 or 4 years, he needs the great player now to win him some more rings.

  12. Kevin6CD

    I found it interesting that LeBron mentioned Cleveland’s young players (Kyrie, Waiters, Thompson) but didn’t mention Wiggins.

    • Trock

      Maybe he knows that he is pretty much good as gone if they want to get Love. Wiggins is kind of hard to give up but I think Love is obviously the better player right now, and you have to pull the trigger to get Love.

      • Kevin6CD

        Exactly. It was either an oversight by LeBron or it was discussed in his talks with Gilbert. I’m more inclined to believe the latter.

        • LBCknickerbocker3

          I agree I think its the latter, it was reported Lebrons agent talked a kevin love trade with the Cavs, I honestly think it works out well for both teams, Minny should pull the trigger

  13. StantonLikeMyDaddy

    If Flip does this without getting Wiggins back, he should be fired on the spot.

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