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Heat Telling Free Agents They Can Spend $12MM+

WEDNESDAY, 2:50pm: Bosh is seeking a deal worth $16-18MM, a source tells Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio (Twitter link).

TUESDAY, 4:00pm: Agent Henry Thomas, who reps both Wade and Bosh, told TNT’s David Aldridge that the salary figures reported for his client are inaccurate (Twitter link).

3:28pm: Ken Berger of and Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report put the brakes on the idea of such deep discounts, having heard that Bosh and Wade aren’t expected to accept figures quite so low (Twitter link).

2:44pm: The Heat are telling free agents that they have more than $12MM to spend, indicating that Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh or both are willing to take major discounts, tweets Brian Windhorst of The Oregonian’s John Canzano hears Bosh is set to sign a five-year deal worth $11MM in the first year, while Wade will get a four-year deal starting at $12MM. Grantland’s Zach Lowe hears those figures are $12MM for Bosh and $10MM for Wade (Twitter links).

Those numbers, together with the maximum deal that LeBron James is insisting upon, would appear to give the Heat even more flexibility, since LeBron’s max is projected to be around $22MM. That would leave the Heat with $44-45MM or so in commitments, not counting roster charges and the cap hold for first-round pick Shabazz Napier. The salary cap is projected to come in at $62.3MM, so it seems Heat president Pat Riley is leaving room for a player or two at above the minimum salary in addition to a $12MM acquisition. That might come in the form of a signing at the value of the $2.732MM room exception.

The Heat are trying to arrange a meeting with Kyle Lowry today, according to Windhorst, who also suggests the team could go after Marcin Gortat (Twitter link). The Heat reportedly see Luol Deng and Lowry as their top free agent targets from outside the team, and while Deng is unwilling to take a discount to sign in Miami, $12MM appears to be close to market value.

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33 thoughts on “Heat Telling Free Agents They Can Spend $12MM+

  1. Gary Slippoy

    Bosh should be paying the Heat to play for them! This guy is a stiff! He’s riding on James’ and Wades’ horse to get a couple of rings.

    • Yasin

      Wade is the stiff

      • Please explain since they got together wade and james put up more numbers.. bosh is just the big body that can spread the floor.. Yasin you sound dumb.

      • Gary Slippoy

        Got bad knees but when healthy he’s still knows how to play. What’s Bosh’s’ excuse?

        • RealSportsFan

          “When healthy” is the key. He hasn’t been healthy in 2 years and he’s getting older by the second. Bosh is solid…when he actually gets a chance to touch the ball.

          • Gary Slippoy

            Bosh, solid-I don’t think so. He’s riding a wave created by James and Wade. He’s just an ordinary player who occasionally has a good game.

          • RealSportsFan

            I’m not sure how you can consider a guy that shoots nearly 50% from the field, 80% from the line, 31% from 3, and averages 19.2 ppg, 8.7 rpg, and over 1 bpg for his career anything less than solid. He’s sacrificed his own numbers so Wade and LBJ could get theirs.

          • Z....

            he is also one of the most versatile players in the league and was arguably our best defender last season, guarding 2-5, and even switching put on to PGs once in a while on the perimeter. Meanwhile, he did a pretty good job protecting the basket as well

          • Laura Ellison

            Bosh is weak. He gets shoved around like a school kid. Wade and James deserve to have a big strong talent as their 3rd man!

          • RealSportsFan

            “Deserve” is a strong word. Maybe they need a better 3rd option or want a better 3rd option, but they definitely don’t deserve a better 3rd option.

          • Laura Ellison

            I do mean deserve. The media and others keep calling them the BIG 3, when in fact it is the BIG 2. The supporting cast includes Bosh along with the remaining 13 teammates. He is not at Superstar status. Wade and James have earned theirs.

          • RealSportsFan

            Newsflash, nobody is entitled to anything. Wade got lucky that LBJ and Bosh joined up otherwise he would be stuck with only 1 ring.

          • Laura Ellison

            Let me guess you are a LeBron James bandwagon jumper. I have been a Heat fan for years. Wade might have had only the 1 ring orr maybe more. LeBron on the other hand needed Wade to get his obviously couldn’t do it alone in Cleaveland lol

      • Fuck no wade the truth. LeBron wouldn’t have rings with DWADE

  2. I’m know heat fan but they should b paying Bosh who stats vanished bc hes the 3rd wheel n on any other team would b looking like the Bosh of Toronto

  3. Samuel

    Bosh is good but he needs to play his game

  4. Samuel

    He has gotten to relax

  5. Samuel

    He needs to get more aggressive

  6. Samuel

    Bosh needs to take it in more often

  7. Samuel

    Stop shooting soo much three points and get more offensive rebounds

  8. Samuel

    And Yasin you don’t know what you are talking about

  9. Samuel

    Wade has been hurt and hasn’t been the same but when he wasn’t he was a beast

    • RealSportsFan

      Has been…hasn’t…wasn’t…was…see the pattern here?

  10. Z....

    I’m going to ignore the stupidity in this comment section right now and just say that $12 million would be good enough to go after the guys that I’ve mentioned. I dont think Lowry or Gortat are what we should be targeting. Luol Deng, Trevor Ariza, Spencer Hawes, Shawn Marion, Thabo Sefolosha, among others should be targeted, and probably someone to provide similar style to Birdman at a big man spot (athleticism, shot blocking).

    • StantonLikeMyDaddy

      Deng and Hawes would be great gets. It would be interesting to see if LeBron plays more time at PG if this were the case.

      • Z....

        I was surprised we didnt see that more last year…You also still cant explain to me why the rotation was the way it was in the Finals. I’ll never understand why we all of the sudden decided to play big after playing small for 3 years, and needing to play small to matchup with the Spurs…We need athleticism on the wing, and we need to replace Shane Battier’s intelligence and defense as well. The other guys I mentioned fit that spot. I’m putting faith in Pat Riley to build this right. If things dont go the way we hope, I wont blame him or the players. All I know is that this is going to be a really interesting week

        • Laura Ellison

          I agree with the finals line up. Why when it wasn’t working did Spo not go back to what worked all year? Shane was a huge factor in last years finals and in this season’s success. He hardly took his warm ups off. Same with Udonis

          • Z....

            THANK YOU…I previewed that series and spoke about how important Battier would be in the series, and he never even got off the bench until it was over. For the most part, we played close to the right rotations in the first 2 games, and arguably should have been up 2-0. In games 3 & 4, he decided to play Chris Andersen and Ray Allen wayyy too much, and we didnt see Battier, or enough Norris Cole. In Game 5, we went back to what looked like the correct rotations in the 1st quarter and it was working. Then, Spo went back to what wasnt working in Games 3&4. No Battier, No Cole, Rashard Lewis, who played great to start that game never came back in after coming out in the 1st for whatever reason, Ray Allen playing wayy too much, and the same with Birdman. I even would have accepted Toney Douglas or Beasley, just to matchup with the Spurs. I will never understand why we never got a chance to see the Miami Heat play in that final series

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