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Western Notes: Warriors, Rockets, Wolves

The Warriors have until October 31st to decide if they will exercise Nemanja Nedovic’s $1.15MM third-year option for the 2015/16 season, writes Tim Kawakami of The Bay Area News Group. The deadline is tricky for the team because Nedovic hasn’t performed all that well in the Summer League this year, and the franchise wants to maintain as much financial flexibility as possible heading into free agency next summer, notes Kawakami. One major determining factor in what the team decides in regards to Nedovic is the play of undrafted rookie and Warriors summer leaguer Aaron Craft. If Craft shows he’s capable of being the third point guard for the Warriors, then Nedovic will be expendable, according to Kawakami.

More from the west:

  • Chandler Parsons believes the Rockets undervalued what he could do on the court and that they figured they could get him back for a cheaper price, writes Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Parsons was surprised that Houston didn’t match the offer sheet the Mavericks signed him to, saying “I definitely was a little surprised that they didn’t match. I thought that was the plan going forward that they were going to match. But I think [agent] Dan Fegan and my agency … did a great job with this contract and really put pressure on them. They decided what they thought was best for their future and they told me to go get my best individual contract, and we both did what we thought was best for ourselves.”
  • Dwight Howard doesn’t believe the departure of Parsons will impact the Rockets’ title hopes for next season, writes “It won’t affect us at all,” Howard said. “We have myself and James [Harden],” Howard said. “We have the best center and the best two guard in the game on the same team. It’s on us.” Howard also praised the signing of Trevor Ariza, saying, “He’ll go through a wall for you. Just to have soldiers on your team like that is great. We have that one-two punch with me and James. We’re filling out our roster with guys who are willing to go through that wall and doing whatever it takes to win.”
  • The Timberwolves now hold all the cards in the Kevin Love trade talks, writes Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press.
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14 thoughts on “Western Notes: Warriors, Rockets, Wolves

  1. cardinalsfan27

    Dwight Howard will never win a championship. What a tool.

    • GoAstros00

      Never say never. And plenty of deserving players have never won a championship. I.E Ewing, Gary Payton, Allen Iverson, Barkley, Dominique Wilkins, ect.

      • Z....

        Gary Payton won a championship…

        • GoAstros00

          You’re right in 2006…

          • Z....

            he hit a game winning shot in those NBA Finals

    • Chris Berg

      You spelled “Carmelo Anthony” wrong…

  2. Z....

    I think it will effect them b/c they’re losing a playmaker, but if they play the right way, they can still be very effective. They need to play more inside out basketball, and run through Dwight a lot more. If you surround Dwight with shooters, and also have James Harden as your primary option from the perimeter, it should be fine offensively. Meanwhile, they have improved defensively by adding Ariza.

  3. DoodleWilly

    The Wolves hold all the cards on a guy with an expiring contract who doesn’t want to be there? Sounds like wishful thinking

    • buffalonichols

      They hold all the cards because LeBron wants him. They have Cleveland over a barrel because they’re afraid Golden State or another team might swoop in first.

      • DoodleWilly

        LeBron wants him but he also wants rings and said he isn’t looking to just win right away. Waiters, Bennett and Wiggins are only going to see their value increase by playing with LeBron. The Cavs will be so much better long term without giving up Wiggins or a huge package for Love. They have so many assets and flexibility down the road. Love is on a contract year if he truly wants to play with LeBron he isn’t going to force the Cavs hand he is going to force the Wolves hand. All Love has to say is I only want to play with LeBron and the Wolves have nothing. I doubt Cavs have offered Wiggins and I doubt Warriors have offered Klay. Holding onto your players longer doesn’t mean you have more power.

        • dc21892

          LeBron would be better off with Love over Wiggins. LeBron has about 4-5 more great years to go, then he will most likely start his decline. It kind of is a win now situation. Getting Kevin Love would give them a stretch 4 who can also bang down low and rebound like no big man in the game. Mix this with LeBron, 25-7-7 a night at least, and Irving who is one hell of an up and coming player, and you have a Big 3 that could be one of the most dangerous in recent memory.

          • DoodleWilly

            LeBron doesn’t have to choose he can have both that’s the point. Plus, 4-5 years to LeBron’s decline means he has plenty of time. Ill take a declining LeBron still over anyone. Why try the big 3 thing again you just did that go with a deep team. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH

  4. Zak Arn

    How do the Wolves hold all the cards again? They have a few options but they aren’t over powering. Trade him now for whatever they can get, Trade him at the deadline for less, Sign & Trade him at the end of the season for even less, OR he walks and signs easily with the Lakers who will have cap space OR he walks & signs with the Cavs under a more difficult scenario.

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