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Pacers Making Strong Push For Shawn Marion

The Pacers are looking to make an impact addition in the wake of Paul George‘s injury and today’s development out of Indiana comes as no surprise.  The Pacers are making a strong push on free agent forward Shawn Marion and have placed calls on him in recent days, a league source tells Shams Charania of RealGM.  Marion is scheduling further meetings with NBA teams, Charania adds.

Marion, 36, started 76 regular season games for the Mavs last season and also started in all seven games of the Mavs’ losing first-round effort against the Spurs.  Yesterday, the Cavs hosted Marion for a visit and it has been said that Marion would like to join forces with LeBron James.  Still, the rival Pacers could provide Marion an enticing opportunity and maybe one with greater importance in the wake of George’s fractured leg.

Marion posted a career-worst 13.7 PER this past season, a drop from his 18.0 mark in the year prior.  The veteran appeared to be looking for something more lucrative than the minimum salary, but the Pacers are among the clubs that are limited to only paying out the minimum. Indiana could apply for a Disabled Player Exception worth $5.305MM, but doing so would require a formal medical prognosis that would confirm that George is expected to be out for the season. The 36-year-old averaged 10.4 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.6 assists, and 1.2 steals in 76 games last season.

There are other veteran scorers available that could be of interest to Indiana, including Jordan Hamilton and Jordan Crawford.

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12 thoughts on “Pacers Making Strong Push For Shawn Marion

  1. Kevin6CD

    Hill/Stuckey/Marion/West/Hibbert. Still yikes.

    • Manchershaw Engineer

      Yeah, but that might squeak into the playoffs. I don’t think they should do this, but if they’re going to try and make the playoffs, he’s the best available at their highest position of need.

      • Kevin6CD

        Yeah, they need Marion really badly. Can’t possibly run out a SF depth chart of Copeland and Solomon Hill and expect to win. Just can’t do it. Assuming Monroe is back, I don’t see any way the Pacers are realistically better than the Pistons. Should be a fight for that 8th seed between those two and maybe the Knicks.

  2. Z....

    Jordan Crawford might be a good pickup for them…Marion was possibly a decent fit when Paul George as healthy, and he would help now, but that team has serious issues with scoring…

    • guccci7383

      am i crazy for thinking they should trade Roy and david west and tANK this season, get a lottery pick, and try to put something together for 2015-16

      • Z....

        I dont think Paul George will be back until at least the AS break in 2016…Maybe they should try to sign Beasley…

        • guccci7383

          i bet the knicks and phil would take hibbert. there tryna build something around melo. he could be phils anchor in the middle of that defense… i’m thinking Amare and shumpert for big roy

      • Kevin6CD

        I don’t think that’s a bad idea, but I’m not sure how much they could get for Hibbert at this very moment. Maybe if he rehabs his value in the early part of the season, deal him at the deadline.

  3. Trock

    I think Pacers are really regretting not signing Lance Stephenson now…

  4. Matt Galvin

    Allen? Beasley?

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