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Poll: Kevin Love And The Cavaliers

Last time we asked you to pick where Kevin Love would start the 2014/15 season, there was a wide field of teams to choose from that did not include the Cavaliers.  Boy, how things have changed.  The Cavs brought LeBron James home to Cleveland and now Love badly wants to join his friend in Ohio.  Finally, months of denials from the T’Wolves organization, owner Glen Taylor finally confessed that he expects to trade the All-Star shortly after August 23rd.

August 23rd isn’t just some random date on the calendar, of course.  That’s the date when Andrew Wiggins‘ rookie contract with the Cavs can be moved.   It’s not exactly clear what a package for the pending free agent would look like, but it has been said that the Wolves will walk away with at least Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and a future first-round selection.  It won’t be easy to replace Love, who turned in a ~27 PER which was good for third in the NBA behind James and Kevin Durant, but two consecutive No. 1 picks and a future first wouldn’t be a bad way to start the rebuilding process.

In the Love poll from two months ago, the Celtics were the leading vote getter followed by the Bulls and the T’Wolves.  The Warriors, Lakers, and pie-in-the-sky Kings were among the other clubs receiving votes, but at this stage, Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst of hear that Wolves are no longer in serious talks about Love with any team other than Cleveland.  So, now we ask you to weigh the Cavs vs. the field.  Do you see Love starting the 2014/15 season with any team other than the Cavs?  And, yes, that includes the Timberwolves.

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Kevin Love And The Cavaliers

  1. If the Cavs can walk away with Wiggins, et al. AFTER trading for Love, then sure, trade for Love.

    • markdouglas6135

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    • johnnynewguy

      Are you saying you wouldn’t trade for Love if it meant giving up Wiggins? Cause if that is what you are saying that is crazy stupid talk.

      • TheCrippler

        No, he is referring to the typo in the article:

        ” It’s not exactly clear what a package for the pending free agent would look like, but it has been said that the Cavs will walk away with at least Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and a future first-round selection”

        • HoopsRumors

          The typo’s been fixed. Thanks, guys!


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