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Trade Rumors App Now Has Notifications

The world’s best app for staying up-to-date on NBA, MLB, and NFL trades and free agency just got better. I’m happy to announce that our free Trade Rumors app, available for iOS and Android, now has notifications! You can set up notifications at the sport, team, or even player level, and receive a notification as soon as a new article is posted on that topic.

We’ve also rolled out an improved, more intuitive layout to the app, with each feed represented by a vertical column on the home screen. Switch between your feeds by swiping left on the home screen. Vertical columns allow for easier one-hand scrolling.

[Download Trade Rumors for iOS and Android]

But wait, there’s more! Other features of the Trade Rumors app:

  • Customize your home screen. The app has feeds for Hoops Rumors, MLB Trade Rumors, and Pro Football Rumors by default, but if you’re more of a one or two-sport person, you can easily remove and reorder feeds. You can also add a feed for any of the 92 MLB, NFL, or NBA teams, as well as the thousands of players in the archives of our three sites.  Please note that the default ordering puts MLB Trade Rumors on your home screen, but you can easily go into Settings to reorder and add or remove feeds.
  • We’ve also allowed for filtering of all stories versus top stories, for what is shown on the home screen as well as for notifications. This allows you to limit yourself to just the most important news for a feed, if you prefer.
  • Article sharing options are plentiful: choose Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message.
  • Once you’ve clicked an article in a feed, you can swipe to read the next article in that feed.
  • Did we mention the Trade Rumors app is completely free? Download today for iOS and Android.

Wondering what’s next for the always-improving Trade Rumors app? We intend to add comments, but must first switch to a native commenting system on the three websites.


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