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Cavs Look Into Trading For Jamal Crawford

The Cavaliers are exploring a trade that would send Jamal Crawford to Cleveland with Brendan Haywood‘s non-guaranteed contract headed to the Clippers, reports Marc Stein of (Twitter links). The news piggybacks on an earlier report from Terry Pluto of the Plain Dealer, who’d heard rumors connecting Crawford to the Cavs. The Clippers would have to send out additional salary to make such a deal work.

Talks between the Cavs and the Nets about a trade that would incorporate the Haywood contract in a package to bring back Joe Johnson have seemingly stalled. Crawford would entail similar production at a fraction of the cost, as he’s slated to make just $5.675MM this coming season as opposed to Johnson’s gigantic salary of nearly $24.895MM.

Taking back Haywood’s deal, worth nearly $10.523MM this coming season but non-guaranteed as long as he’s waived by the end of August 1st, would help the Clippers clear salary to find a replacement for DeAndre Jordan. They could try to flip him for David Lee, as Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders speculates, noting that a Haywood-for-Lee trade would fit the league’s salary-matching parameters (Twitter links).

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62 thoughts on “Cavs Look Into Trading For Jamal Crawford

  1. Jeremy

    All these swing for the fence attempts by the Cavs have to make you question how much Lebron is committed to them. Desperation moves are very curious.

    • Austin

      You are very right! I honestly don’t think they have enough bench. The starting 5 literally takes up their whole CAP. It’s not looking good for them.

      • Jeremy

        At this rate their starting 5 will be the cap+ and their first 4 back ups will be enough to fill another teams cap space. It’s just nuts.

        • Mark Joyce

          What? Are you Dan Gilbert’s heir? Desperation, swing for the fence, crippling? If the billionaire wants to over pay the millionaires to win a chip, don’t sweat the future. All in.

          • Jeremy

            You don’t operate a business at a 100 million dollar a year financial loss Mark. How long can you sustain something like that?

          • Alex

            if the cavs don’t acquire Crawford then they’ll target joe Johnson via trade. either way the cavs are still the best team in the NBA

    • Rodney

      This move make sense for practicle purposes.. clips need a center and cavs need a 2 guard.

      • Jeremy

        No one trading for Haywood has any intention of keeping him on their roster.

    • James

      I think they want to win and win now. How much time do you think LeBron has left the way he plays. If I’m a Cleveland fam and I have an all time great, I don’t want to wait. Dan Gilbert is proving to the city he’s dedicated to winning. Has nothing yuk do with LeBron being dedicated for a certain amount of time. It’s been 40+ years. The first team that wins anything there will be legends forever.

      • James

        Nothing to do… Sorry.

      • Jeremy

        Great… but all these money and desperation will result in a 1-2 year window.. and a crippling debt the franchise may never recover from. I don’t think you understand AS IS.. they will pay nearly 100 mill in tax next season. That’s before Thompson and Lebron re-sign. Paying 10 mill for your back up C, 16-20 mill for your back up PF, possibly another 10 mill for your back up SG (shumpert).. how is this sustainable? It’s not

        • Jeremy

          this money*

    • Chad

      Yeah but why would you stop swinging for the fences? I don’t consider it desperation. We’re trying to build the #1 team in the NBA not a 6th seed.

  2. Lbjalltheway

    Dooooo iiiittt this would make the cavs way better

  3. Melo

    They need solid scoring off bench plainly obvious from finals,

  4. Regino Fernandes

    This wil be a very bad move for the clippers if they want to salvage their hopes of remaining an elite team

  5. Rosario

    If the Clips make this move just to free up more money and then turn around and make a bonehead maneuver like giving said money to Javale McGee, I’m going to initiate a citizens/ fans demotion of Doc Rivers the G.M. They had better be thinking of stealing away Plumlee or Pachulia with that loot.

    • Ryan

      Neither of them are free agents so you would need a trade…..

  6. Jamesf77

    Lebron holding things up ticked off at him and tt bums

    • stull101

      Tristan holding up the hold cavs roster,I respect Tristan not a max player..$80 is a good deal…

      • Jeremy

        how is paying your back up PF 16 mill a year a “good deal?” If Lebron is destroying the Cavalier franchise and I don’t think they will realize it until its too late. Having a 200+ million dollar payroll (possibly 300 with tax) is not sustainable in the NBA. They don’t play 162 games a year like baseball and they don’t get 500billion dollar TV contracts like the NFL.

        • JB1990

          this dude said $500 buillion tv contracts!! hahahahaa

    • Bruce

      I agree Lebron and TT are making me sick. Just those two cant win the championship. Get off your ass g and act like the leader of this team help to get some of these free agents. Its obvious. That the team could use some help in some positions.

  7. Pedro

    The nba should not allow this transaction.

  8. Suttle

    Clippers so desperate. Should have given extension before last year to Jordan. Rivers is mediocre as a GM.

  9. duane

    Clips not winning any more, trade solid player for 7 footer who average 1 point a game, do it, lakers will be laughing all day.

    • Z.....

      They wouldn’t be keeping haywood on their roster….it would be to open up cap space

      • Diecapsule

        I just officially realized it is pointless to try & explain the reasoning why teams would want to trade for Haywood. Many cannot seem to comprehend that it is not the player they want, it is the $10.5 million dollars they want to clear in cap space after they drop his non-guaranteed contract.
        I am not even close to a cap specialist but this is not difficult too understand.

  10. DATdude.....

    Lebrick should just sign with the Clippers…Allow them to clear some cap…Move to LA….Shoot some more movies…Win a Championship….Own LA….Throw it in Kobe’s face in his final season…..

  11. kyle

    come on Cleveland! do

  12. Bruce

    This is definitely a good deal for cleavland. They need someone to help that second unit score points. They also need a dedicated. Backup for Kyrie.

  13. gerard

    crawford to Portland 4 chris the cave man cme bk hme man.

  14. Please no.!
    I’m happy for Jamal to go but not for Haywood

  15. Jeremy

    Just curious.. are you Cavs fans prepared to pay $500 a ticket to go to a game? That’s the only realistic way any of this works.

  16. Rozay

    Chicago needs to get rid of a big man and go after Crawford.

  17. Mike

    Why in the hell would we give crawford for haywood, pretty stupid!!

  18. stull101

    Jamal would be a perfect fit for the cavs..

  19. Femi

    I’m not getting too excited until deal is done. Too many disappointments, lost Aldridge, West, etc.

  20. Suttle

    Trade makes no sense for lob city

    • badmuun

      it actually does, because if they traded for brendan haywood they could waive him before aug.1st, plus his contract is non-guranteed, so if we do waive him we can get a better center rather than a javale mcgee who is injury prone

  21. LeBrick James

    Just hand the 2016 NBA Championship to the Spurs….Cleveland you are Idiots if you think I can help the Cavs beat the Spurs….They own me…I don’t know what im going to do…Im so stupid because I could of join them before they Signed Lamarcus…..Dan do hear me..Our current team Blows….So don’t get mad if I leave….you in with that crazy luxury tax bill….To all my Cav’s….Say it with me now>>>GO SPURS GO..GO SPURS GO..GO SPURS GO..IM OUT………

    • Spurs are old and won’t make it to the championship game

  22. Z.....

    The cavs need more isolation and more guys that dont defend at the guard spot, so this makes sense for them………lol

    I don’t see why the clippers would do this. It opens some cap space, but you can do better for Crawford in my opinion . Plus, there are still options left to look at with their 2.2 million in exception space, or at the minimum

  23. Clippers should push for Anderson Varejao.

  24. King James

    Dear Cav’s fans…I don’t know how much longer…I could possibly put up with are owner…Dan…this guy is just an complete Idiot…his basketball on -1000…..Im going to have to walk away…I have had enough of this clown…..p.s ……..Are team blows….with and surely without me…….

    • scott

      “our”…just saying

  25. Jeremy

    Rumors of Crawford to Miami just popped up. If you are the Clipper do you want to give up Crawford + 4 mill contract for Javal McGee or trade Crawford for Chris Andersen or Josh McRoberts.. both of which are better than McGee. Makes much more sense than the cavs mess.

    • Z.....

      Heat need shooting, but we need a wing player. It would be the case of adding a guy that has notoriously destroyed us consistently over the years…

      • Jeremy

        You do know they drafted the best wing player in the draft right? The heat need bench scoring and shooting not a wing.

        • Z.....

          So Winslow is just supposed to be a great 2 way, versatile rotation player, right out of the draft, at age 19? Super high on him, and still cant believe we got him, but that isnt very fair to ask of him, and we need another wing anyway

          • Jeremy

            I am very high on him because his first strength is D. Getting compared to Kawhi Leonard isn’t something to laugh at. Offense develops.. Defense is instinct.

          • Z.....

            Even if Winslow comes out of the gate with a consistent year and gives us the much needed versatility, 3 and D guy that we need on the wing, we still need another wing player

  26. Mikedod

    Lee for Haywood would be awesome for the clippers they would probably be better off for Lee won’t get the hack attack then gotta sit out the most crucial moments of the game. Then want a 20 million a year contract.

  27. Cavs not playing around.

    • Jeremy

      Actually they are.. that’s the problem. They are throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.

  28. Get Joe Johnson better than crawford

    • Jeremy

      Joe Johnson would cost dan gilbert 50 million+ next season. Still think he’s worth it?

      • Z.....

        in this instance, Joe Johnson would be an unreal get for them, and I would honestly have to call bs if that actually happens, and someone actually takes Varejao off their hands for them…the issue for them is more of the fact that they can get locked into this roster, more than the money, and the fact that its just inefficient roster building to have so much money in just your 4/5 spots. That being said, I havent hidden the fact that I’m loving every time Dan Gilbert has to pay up, considering its his own fault the penalties are what they are in the first place

        • Jeremy

          I ask again.. is a guy who scores 15 points a game as a starter worth 50 million dollars out of the owner’s pocket? We can all sit here and act as armchair GM’s.. but that’s the reality of it… the Cavs are currently closer to a 300mill payroll than a 100mill payroll in 2015/16… that’s just AWE inspiring. Dan Gilbert has to have a line somewhere.

          • Z.....

            And thats what I’m saying. We arent arguing that. At this point though, their window is pretty much these next couple of years b/c of the money they locked up, especially the way they did it (pretty much all in the 4/5 positions). They’ve gone this far for this year. They might as well go for it if they can get a deal like this, and it also gets rid of the horrible obligation to Varejao on multiple years for a guy who fills a need and has his contract expiring after the season.

      • Fatboi


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