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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 7/15/15

The Nuggets’ Ty Lawson is a statistically productive point guard who is routinely criticized for not making his teammates around him better. Lawson’s attitude has also come under fire at times, and Denver has reportedly been looking to find a trade partner who will take the 27-year-old off of its hands. The guard is set to earn $12,404,495 in 2015/16 and $13,213,482 the following season, which is also the final year of Lawson’s current deal. Lawson’s contract won’t make him easy to trade, nor will his off the court baggage. The veteran was arrested early Tuesday morning on suspicion of DUI, his second DUI-related arrest in six months time.

This brings me to our question/topic of the day: What should the Nuggets do with Ty Lawson?

Should Denver trade Lawson even if it means receiving less than adequate compensation in return? If so, which team do you see as being a good fit, and for whom do the Nuggets deal him? Or should the Nuggets hang onto Lawson? If so, should it be for the long-term, or just until he can potentially rebuild some of his trade value? The other alternative is for the team to attempt to work out a buyout arrangement with Lawson and just cut ties with him altogether. Take to the comments section below with your thoughts, opinions, and trade ideas. We look forward to what you have to say.

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24 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 7/15/15

  1. Ikarn Johal

    There isn’t a team that really needs a PG right now. The only team that comes to mind is the Nets but they don’t have the assets available to get the deal done. Lawson’s value took a dip after his DUI so unless the Nuggets don’t get the return they originally hoped for, they should keep him. They will have another opportunity during the season to trade him if a team faces an injury or if they get a better return then they are right now. Worst case scenario they can trade Lawson next offseason where I’m sure his value won’t be lower than what it is now. There should be no rush at all from the Nuggets point of view. I understand they are rebuilding but Lawson will help that rebuild by giving Emmanuel Mundiay someone to learn from on the court.

    • Eddie Scarito

      The team is worried about what Mudiay might learn from Lawson OFF the court though.

      • jashattacks

        Yup, completely agree. This is the main concern.

  2. Trade him before the season, no matter what the return is.

    The major issue last year, as the Brian Shaw era ended, was maturity. The locker room had talent, but their work habits, their infighting, and their lack of discipline were major problems. Their job now is to hit the reset button and create a culture. They can establish that tone by jettisoning off their costly and problematic point guard. It would put people on notice (namely guys like Faried), as well as provide more playing time for Mudiay.

    The Nuggets are not making the playoffs in the West this year. But with a positive culture change, the development of Mudiay and Nurkic, as well as the improved health of Faried, Gallinari, and Chandler, they could very quickly return to prominence.

    It’s a case of addition by subtraction.

    • Arthur Hill

      If the Nuggets can’t find a trading partner willing to take on Lawson’s salary before next season, do you think they should waive him?

      • I really do. Unless they truly believe Malone can control the locker room with Lawson’s presence and on-going struggles privately and with the media, then they can roll the dice.

        There’s a secondary benefit to getting rid of him now: they’ll have a worse record. Lawson’s trouble, but he’s still talented, and could generate some wins. Without him, they can move further up the lottery this year, grab a nice pick, and then build from there (and they have the pieces for it to be a short rebuild).

  3. jashattacks

    Ty should be traded, but not yet. As an owner of two Lawson jerseys and a fan since his days of backing up Billups (not that far in the past I know), his deterioration has been really disheartening to watch. I feel like the fans who are pushing for him to be traded or otherwise removed from the team have a point. In all honesty, I hope he gets a hefty suspension from the league that allows him time to sort out his personal life. The Nuggets, because of their investment and Ty’s low trade value, should do what they can to assist him with this. Some people will push away such offers, I hope Ty is not one of them. He’s grown and should have his priorities straight, but we’re all fighting some demons and it’s a classy move by the organization to make the offer. Also, I think it bumps his value if his team doesn’t write him off and while I’m ready for the Mudiay Era, I really hope I get to see some more of this before Ty goes: link to

  4. Nick

    Possible deals – for Brendan Haywood’s contract 2)chalmers and birdman 3) Jose Calderon. I feel like he can play well with strong leadership on the team.

    • Chuck Myron

      I think you’re right about the leadership quotient, though Michael Malone might just be the right coach for him in Denver. It’s tough to envision him in Cleveland or Miami, because of Kyrie Irving and Goran Dragic, respectively, and I don’t think the Knicks would offer him the right sort of environment, given the combination of a big city with lots of distractions and a second-year head coach.

  5. Trade him to the Sixers for anything really… It’s a perfect fit when you think about it because Lawson can do the least damage on the court to the Nuggets in the East with no one around him, the Sixers get a borderline all-star pg while they stink up the arena who will be happy that he finally gets to be Iverson and do it all himself, and players continue to learn the lesson you don’t get rewarded (I.e. Traded to a contender) when you act like a collosal bonehead…

  6. Ken Atherton

    They are always saying that Philadelphia has lots of bigs and no point guard. What bout a trade to them somehow. Not really sure what we could get of should get.

  7. Jeremy

    If this was last season I would love if my lakers got him. But now we don’t need him. Sixers could use him.they really don’t have a pg other then unproven players

  8. Mack Green

    Yes a trade is necessary for both parties. Philadelphia would be wise to snatch up Lawson. The best thing for him will be for him to be closer to his home (family) and the support that would come from that proximity to them. For Philly, whose trade for veterans Thompson and Landry will greatly be beneficial to its young bigs, can have an equal result with a veteran point guard on that young team. In my opinion Lawson desperately needs a change of scenery/situation, and the challenge of improving a storied faltering franchise would provide a boon for him for his next deal, providing he plays well, leads and gets that DUI propensity under control. Nowhere to go but up.

  9. Gucci7383

    Trade him to the the Celtics and see if u can get a future 1st rounder.
    He still has talent despite his off the court problems. Lottery protected maybe they bite. They have an abundance of future picks

    • themaster

      They also have Isiah Thomas and Marcus Smart

      • Gucci7383

        Very true but I don’t think either is as good as lawson

    • Mack Green

      As a Celtics fan, as much as Celtics Nation seems to like Thomas – as do I – I’d trade him for Lawson in a heartbeat.

  10. Bunko Artist

    There just does not seem to be a good fit for him right now, as far as a trade goes other than Houston. I do not see any other contender needing a starting pg.He needs to rehab his image and build his stock again. I wonder if they could “Stephon Marbury” him and keep him away for conduct detrimental to the team. If

  11. alex pressrr

    Trade him for a anything you can get. You don’t need him a cancer, some team will be able to use him. Maybe as a 6th man in Miami or something

    • Eddie Scarito

      Miami would have to do some serious tinkering to be able to fit Lawson under the cap. Unless he is bought out or waived….

  12. daren

    Denver is a long ways from contending in the West. They need as many assets as they can stockpile. Therefore, it makes absolutely ZERO sense to sell-low on a talent like Lawson. Wait until he re-establishes some value, wait for a team to suffer an injury or two, then make the best deal over the next year. Patience is the prudent course for a team so far from contending.

  13. Andrew

    Why not trade him to the Rockets? We could package Hickson (an expiring contract) and Lawson, and get back Jones, Beverley, and a future 1st or second rounder. That way the Nuggets allow Mudiay to run the team from the beginning, but if he struggles, you have a capable backup in Nelson or Beverley, and then you get a young guy in Jones to help build around with your bigs. I also think the Nuggets should try and trade Faried too, but that’s a topic for another day.

    • Eddie Scarito

      Hey…I’m the one who comes up with the topics around here!…..but that Faried one is something that will probably pop up around here in the near future….

  14. samuel

    (Magic) we take Lawson, (Denver) gets Frye. Nicholson, & a future 2nd rounder….. we are just gonna waive him

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