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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 7/3/15

The free agent signing period is underway, and a number of big names have already come off the board by agreeing to new deals. If history is any guideline, some of these deals will be considered bargains, while others will weigh down teams’ salary cap figures like an albatross for years to come. Yesterday we discussed which recently agreed upon deal was the most team friendly. Or to put it another way, which team got the best value on the free agent market thus far. Today we focus on the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m talking about the signings that are true head-scratchers as to the length and amount agreed upon to be forked over to the player.

It’s with that sentiment that I present to you the question of the day: What free agent agreement made thus far is the worst value?

Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on which recent deal offends your sense of propriety (and economics) the most, and more importantly, why? We look forward to what you have to say.

Of course, there will always be differing opinions. While we absolutely encourage lively discussion and debate, we do expect everyone to treat each other with respect. So, please refrain from inappropriate language, personal insults or attacks, as well as the other taboo types of discourse laid out in our site’s commenting policy.  Speaking of commenting: we’ve made it much easier to leave a comment here at Hoops Rumors.  Just put in your name, email address, and comment and submit it; there is no need to become a registered user.

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16 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 7/3/15

  1. these nuts

    It sucks! Only splash made was by Dallas

  2. Adam

    The combination of the Pelicans signing:

    Alexis Ajinca & Omer Asik to man the center position for the next 4 to 5 yrs for a combined $80.2 million!!!

    Especially while 2 other defensive-minded bigs who would have filled in admirably in Brendan Wright and Ed Davis signed for 3 yrs/$18 mill & 3 yrs/$20 mill respectively…

    • ^ this is the winner

    • Yes those signings look bad now, but with 24 million coming off the books with Anderson and Gordon next year along with the Cap shooting up the Ajinca contract will look downright reasonable because it will allow the team to make sure Davis isn’t worn down by having to play C at some points. Also, it’s not as if Asik is a bad player. He’s quite good actually he just seems to take plays off and if he can get that under control its not a terrible investment to make to protect Davis.

      With the Cap situation the way it is right now any and every deal that goes down now will look good in comparison to the deals guys will get the next 2 years in free agency so I postulate that NO deal in this particular FA period is a bad one…

      • Adam

        “What free agent agreement made thus far is the worst value?”

        Still the worst value thus far…

        Way rather have Wright & Davis for $38 mill than Asik & Ajinca for $80.2 mill

  3. Jack

    Omer Asik was a pretty bad signing at $60 mil. Not the modern kind of big man.

    • Chris Crouse

      This is probably the worst. Asik is a nice player and should be a starter, but I would have nabbed Koufos for less and been just as happy. As a side note: It’s a shame the Pelicans couldn’t find a way to sign Greg Monroe. He and Davis would have complemented each other nicely.

  4. Caleb D.

    Aron Baynes for 3 years, $20 Million!

    • Z.....

      That deal made sense…

    • Andrew C.

      yeah i liked this deal. pistons definitely needed a backup center on the cheaper side

  5. LeBrick JaMes

    oMg Lebrick just signed with the Lakers…….

  6. Andrew C.

    definitely not liking the Shumpert deal. He’s extremely overrated and Cleveland probably could’ve found someone as good, if not better, than him for a minimum salary or at most half the money they gave Shumpert.

    • Z.....

      I thought that was the best deal they made of the 3…..

      • Andrew C.

        that doesn’t make it a good deal though. i wouldn’t pay a strictly defensive specialist (who is still somewhat overrated in that department) an average annual salary of $10 million. that’s like putting him on the same level as Tony Allen, and there’s absolutely no way Shumpert’s on his level. pretty sure that there are D-League players that could do what he does for a minimum salary.

        • Z.....

          He is a pretty decent 3 point shooter and plays very good defense against both guard positions and a few 3s. He can also be a 3rd or 4th playmaker in some situations. 3 and D guys go for a little more than that on an AAV.

  7. Z.....

    Tristan Thompson was one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen

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