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Mavericks Rumors: Cuban, Matthews, Williams

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban dismissed DeAndre Jordan‘s apology and celebrated the trade for Zaza Pachulia today on CyberDust, according to Tim MacMahon of “When is an apology not an apology? When you didn’t write it yourself. Next,” Cuban wrote of the Clippers’ center, who committed to Dallas before changing his mind Thursday. He also said the the Mavericks have been working for some time to acquire Pachulia. “He is a good rebounder,” Cuban stated, “and in the hard to believe category he shoots the 15 foot pick and pop at the same level as … Dirk [Nowitzki]. Look it up!”

There’s more this afternoon from Dallas:

  • Wesley Matthews never considered reneging on his deal with Dallas after hearing about Jordan, MacMahon writes. Matthews spent time in Los Angeles with Jordan and Chandler Parsons the weekend before free agency began, and they had several conversations about playing together. Matthews said Cuban gave him the opportunity to back out of his deal after the news about Jordan broke, but that wasn’t an option for the former Blazer. “I came to Dallas with one intention, and that’s to win,” Matthews said. “I’m excited about it. With DeAndre or without DeAndre, I know that this organization is a championship organization.”
  • Had Jordan come to the Mavericks, the team would not have had enough cap space to offer Deron Williams a two-year, $10MM deal, MacMahon tweets. Williams is expected to sign with Dallas for that figure after clearing waivers.
  • Although the Mavericks were interested in Williams, they didn’t consider a trade with the Nets because he would have consumed too much cap space, according to ESPN.
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6 thoughts on “Mavericks Rumors: Cuban, Matthews, Williams

  1. Alexander Maunu

    Mr Cuban is a joke. He broke league rules, negotiated and announced a deal that had nothing in writing, and used the early announcement to try and pressure Jordan , and it blew up in his face. Now he tries to play it off like Jordan is in the wrong and the entire off season is Jordans fault. Get a grip on reality Mr. Cuban.

    • Chuck Myron

      Many of the owners who’ve bought into the league since Cuban seem to take a page from his brashness. But Cuban remains the gold standard when it comes to controversial statements.

    • gofer

      Broke league rules? Which ones, and be specific. He announced the deal because the Mavericks had a deal. They followed all the rules and protocols, and then Jorrdan renegged. He broke his word, though it sounds like a person’s word means nothing to you.

      • Z.....

        Mark Cuban actually got fined 25k for it

  2. Jason

    He did not need to announce anything to persuade Jordan. Can’t u read between the lines. This does not sound like a planned hit to u. Have Deandre Jordan tie up 20 mill in cap so Dallas don’t make any more off season moves and then day before signings are able to be done he change his mind .. That’s to unreal . It sound planned

  3. Chris

    So the Sixers got Tristian Thompson?!? LoL

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