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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 10/7/15

According to a report by Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press, the Pistons are closely monitoring Markieff Morris‘ situation in Phoenix, and are interested in acquiring the disgruntled forward. Morris had previously said that he felt disrespected by the way the Suns had handled the July 9th trade of his twin and former teammate, Marcus Morris, to the Pistons, and had made it clear that he wanted out of Phoenix prior to the 2015/16 season commencing.

One thing for sure, I am not going to be there,” Markieff had said. “If you want to put that out there, you can put that out,” he added. “. . . I am not to going to be there at all.” Those comments to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer essentially confirmed a report from John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 radio that Markieff wanted off the Suns. Morris was fined $10k by the league for making those public statements.

Morris has since backed off his negative stance and declared “I want to be here” at Phoenix’s media day gathering, which may have been more for damage control after the fine by the league. The former 13th overall pick had also said that he planned not to talk to the Suns front office and to answer coach Jeff Hornacek only with one-word responses until he was dealt, which would certainly not have been an ideal situation for anyone involved.

In addition to a potential attitude problem from Markieff, the twins are also both facing felony aggravated assault charges for their alleged roles in a January brawl at a Phoenix recreation center. The duo would be suspended a minimum of 10 games if they are found guilty of a felony and could also face a suspension if they’re guilty of a misdemeanor. With the offseason addition of Ersan Ilyasova, who was acquired in a trade with the Bucks, Detroit doesn’t have a pressing need for a player with Markieff’s skills, though he would certainly be an asset if healthy and motivated.

This brings me to the topic of the day: Should the Pistons acquire Markieff Morris?

Is adding his talents to the roster worth the potential risk, as well as the cost in assets, which are reportedly quite high, in order to obtain Morris? Who would you give up in a trade if you were Pistons coach/executive Stan Van Gundy? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the subject. We look forward to what you have to say.

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10 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 10/7/15

  1. smittybanton

    If Ersan Ilyasova is your starting power forward, you have a pressing need for a power forward.

    • Chris Crouse

      Ilyasova isn’t so bad. I would try to get markieff, but it’s a question of who do the Suns want in return.

    • Chuck Myron

      On the contrary, I think Ilyasova is the quintessential Stan Van Gundy power forward. He fits that system, and that system fits him. I think he’ll have a fantastic year as long as SVG the executive doesn’t trade for Morris and stymie SVG the coach.

  2. Tyler

    If the Pistons can get him by trading Illyasova and a couple future picks then I say, make the trade. But no way giving up any of our young guys.

  3. Snowbird

    The Suns need him way too much. Things will blow over once games start hopefully. If not, a trade for Ersan isnt terrible.

  4. Kevin Knight

    I see Twin as an upgrade over Illy… Ilyasova is a decent fit to the roster… But Markief is a perfect fit… He have the age, toughness and shooting range to slot next to Drummond the next five years… I also feel that Marcus is a better fit at power forward than Illy… Illy is not the slowest PF in the league but he definitely doesn’t possess the speed of the twins in the open floor… Also, either brother is also a much better defender, and both have a higher ceiling than the already (reached his ceiling) Ilyasova… And as for his attitude and criminal charges… I have faith in Stan to make it work… I was not a fan of Stan prior to him coming to the Pistons… But he has done an incredible job of doing in one season what the Knicks and Philly has been trying to do for over a decade now… He put together a young athletic team, with the focus being defense first. And about half the roster is expected to have a much higher ceiling…

    I would love to see a Brandon Jennings, Darren Hilliard for Twin… I know the Suns won’t accept Ersan for Markief… Lopsided…

  5. Ramone

    YES ! He would finalize their starting five giving them reggie, kcp, andre, stanley, and markieff. I would take that.

  6. Cory

    I could see a Jennings, Cartier Martin (to dump him), and picks for Markieff trade occurring. I still believe the Suns needs another ball handler and Jennings would fit in that regard. Detroit also rids itself of some of its guaranteed contracts that probably were not going to make the team.

    • Cory

      If you want an even more outlandish (maybe nearly impossible) trade idea:

      DET gets: Markieff Morris
      PHI gets: Brandon Jennings (tons of injuries at PG)
      PHX gets: Carl Landry, Cartier Martin, picks from DET and PHI

      Again, this is so unlikely to occur, but it’s a potential idea to facilitate more discussions between teams.

  7. Dana Gauruder

    The Pistons are feeling pretty good about their forward situation; I don’t think they’re eager to add Markieff.

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