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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround: 12/30/15

The Pistons have an interesting situation on their hands with point guard Brandon Jennings. He made his season debut Tuesday night against the Knicks after working his way back from an Achilles injury. While Jennings was out with the injury, however, starter Reggie Jackson shined and backup Steve Blake, who is 35, proved he still has something left. In other words, the Pistons, who are now 17-15, survived without Jennings.

Hoops Rumors’ Dana Gauruder recently profiled Jennings as a trade candidate because Jennings has an expiring contract at $8,344,497. With Jennings set to be a free agent, Frank Isola of The New York Daily News opines that the Knicks should make a play for the 26-year-old.

Of course, it behooves both parties — Jennings and the Pistons — for Jennings to have a successful return from injury. If Jennings plays well, he puts himself in line for a significant pay day this summer. From the Pistons’ perspective, a positive comeback would likely help the team on the court and also boost his trade value.

That leads us to today’s question: Which team will Brandon Jennings be playing for after the trade deadline? Why? Will he still be with the Pistons? How much would it take to acquire him?

Being mindful of our commenting policy, let us know in the comments section below what you think. We look forward to learning about what you have to share.

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18 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround: 12/30/15

  1. Denzel

    So far he looks healthy…with that being said…he will be gone by trade deadline….if pistons are not stupid… is why. …if in fact he stays healthy…he is a starting point in this league. ..and is young….just turned 26…he is going to want to get paid…and he is a player that needs the ball in his hands so he will not play shooting guard…

    • Denzel

      His contract is up at the end of the season…so the pistons will hate to lose him for nothing in free agency…when they know in advance he will leave…at this point…from what I know about him..he has always liked ny…..teams will not trade for him if he has no intention of resigning….Calderón is not the future…jerian looks lost…he could be a rental…and the knicks lose Calderón cintract for the upcoming year. ..they have no first round pick…this makes all the sense for ny and detroit. …

      • Arthur Hill

        What can the Knicks give up that would have a reasonable chance at bringing back Jennings?

        • Denzel

          Calderón. ..2 second round picks…

          • jordan

            Join the discussionDumbest comment ever…Why would the pistons bring back a PG when they don’t need one, especially one they already had….There is no value in that trade.

          • Recordhigh

            Hmm…maybe a 3-way deal with the Kings, Bucks, and Pistons can happen. Jennings back to the bucks, Inglis, Vasquez, Plumlee Bayless/Ennis with Collison, Butler, picks going everywhere.

          • Chris Crouse

            Maybe the Bucks do this if they think he’s going to re-sign with them.

  2. Anthony

    Jennings for Affalo straight up?!

    • jason m.

      I think we would do that, but I dont know if the Knicks would. I was thinking more along the lines of Robin Lopez and Derrick Williams

    • jason m.

      wow, just looked at lopez salary, we couldnt do that. afflalo would be great tho.. perfect salary match too

    • jason m.

      dont even think we’d want lopez for that $. we need a good backup Center.. but damn. didn’t think lopez was getting that kind of cheese

      • Anthony

        Yeah I agree, too much money for a back-up, but the center position hasn’t really became a big issue though. When we have a hot KCP, we have been winning ball games but on days where he cant find his shot, we struggle. We need a lights out shooter from 15′ to complete this team.

    • Anthony

      The Spurs could use Jennings too so him for danny green would be nice too! Maybe though in Dinwiddie to sweeten up the pot a little?

      • Chris Crouse

        I’m not sure Jennings is the Spurs cup of tea. They just don’t need to make that kind of splash right now. Danny Green on the Pistons would be run though.

    • Chris Crouse

      Trading Afflalo might disrupt NY’s chemistry. He’s close with Lopez and Anthony.

      • Anthony

        NY is not getting to the playoffs this year with Afflalo, but we could. After 30 games im not sure that the chemistry is that thick? It would work out perfectly for the Pistons and NY can get that big name free agent that they want next year. Its New York, not Detroit! Affalo has 2 years left on his contract, until then KCP will be our 6th man

  3. Chris Crouse

    I see Jennings remaining with the Pistons. If he can get comfortable with a sixth man role, I think he’s happy to stay for the season.

    Van Gundy has let potential free agents walk and he’s made some smart moves with the cap space (Ersan, Marcus Morris). Unless Detroit can get a first-rounder (probably protected, but still would be decent value), I believe Jennings stays in town to help the team attempt to lock down a playoff spot.

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