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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 12/31/15

The Warriors captured the title. There was the untimely death of Flip Saunders. Superstar Kobe Bryant announced his plans to retire after this season. Those are only three from a long list of vital news stories around the league this year. Indeed, plenty happened in 2015. The year was also filled with significant transactions in the league.

With the year coming to a close tonight, we find it fitting to look back and discuss the most interesting and important moves over the past 12 months. From Greg Monroe choosing the Bucks to LaMarcus Aldridge signing with the Spurs, there are plenty worth revisiting.

So, here is our question of the day: What was the best transaction made by your favorite team in 2015?

It’s an easy topic to digest (it is New Year’s Eve, after all), of course, but regardless of who your favorite team is, there are likely a few moves to choose from. I’ll get us started: While the Knicks’ decision to draft Kristaps Porzingis is likely the organization’s most important move, my favorite transaction was the signing of Arron Afflalo because the veteran has proven to be the rare player who can easily pick up the triangle offense and mesh with Carmelo Anthony.

Being mindful of our commenting policy, let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are. We look forward to what you have to share.

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9 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 12/31/15

  1. ncmatt

    Charlotte Hornets: Acquired Batum, Lin, Lamb, and Hawes. Has helped them stay in the playoff race even with the loss of Big Al & MKG.

  2. Sixersfan4

    The sixers trading for ish smith and bringing in coangelo and d’antoni

  3. Let’s hope 2016 is the year they move the photographers off the baseline, fining the Clippers for continual after-call whining and stop singing the national anthem before each game. It’s like they’re trying to make a beautiful game unwatchable, dangerous for the players and a three hour long advertising showcase.

  4. aarongill

    Lakers: drafting Russell over Okafor and drafting Larry nance.

  5. Spurs signing LA will definitely pay dividends in terms of both instant success and transition between TimTonyManu and Leonard. A wise and savvy move by the classiest team in the business.

  6. mathiasak04182000

    New York Knicks: drafting Kristaps Porzingis. At first I was really questioning this move but I’ve really liked him and I like that he’s 7’3″ and he can shoot 3’s

  7. NageGelson1

    Bulls: Drafting Portis

    • Steve in Chicago

      This will ENABLE this seasons most impactful trade I think

  8. hill

    Bucks get Greg Monroe. It’ll take time for that to translate to W’s, but it signified a shifting landscape in the FA market and gave a huge boost of confidence to a young team and a franchise aspiring to be world class.

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