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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 1/30/16

The Pelicans have been among the NBA’s most active teams in trade talks heading into the February 18th deadline. It was reported this week that New Orleans has been listening to offers for starting point guard Tyreke Evans, who is still battling the effects of arthroscopic surgery conducted on his right knee in October. Evans is signed through the 2016/17 season and will make nearly $11.7MM next year.

Evans isn’t the only Pelican on the trading block, as reports have indicated. The team has also been gauging interest for shooting guard Eric Gordon, who will miss another three to five weeks after breaking his right ring finger, and stretch forward Ryan Anderson. They are both on expiring contracts. In addition, New Orleans has been trying since December to find a taker for center Omer Asik, who signed a five-year deal worth approximately $53MM over the offseason.

It’s no surprise that the Pelicans, who have been among the league’s most disappointing teams, are active in trade discussions. Expectations were high after the team claimed a playoff spot last season, and with Anthony Davis serving as the franchise cornerstone and new coach Alvin Gentry bringing an up-tempo approach, New Orleans was expected to have a bright future.

However, injuries and other factors led to a disastrous 1-11 start before the Pelicans began a slow climb out of the Western Conference basement. They are currently 18-28, good for 12th place in the West, sitting three games behind Portland for the final playoff spot. They have won seven of their last nine games after beating Brooklyn tonight and are just two behind the Blazers in the loss column.

That brings me to tonight’s question: What moves should the Pelicans make between now and the trade deadline? Should they deal Evans, Gordon or Anderson? Is it possible to find someone willing to take on Asik’s contract? Should they go all out to grab a playoff spot this season or should they focus on the future?

Take to the comments section to voice your opinion on the topic. We look forward to what you have to say.

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10 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 1/30/16

  1. I believe Eric Gordon is the most likely one to be dealt of the names featured. The question is, where to?

  2. Steve in Chicago

    Why do anything? Take away the miserable start and they are doing fine, on playoff trajectory.

  3. Ryon Reyne

    Trade: Gordon, Anderson (if he won’t resign for less than the max because he’s too inconsistent), Gee, Cunningham, and Asik. Keep everyone else because with the trio of Davis/Holliday/Evans and one of the Top 3 picks in the Draft they could add one of Simmons/Ingram/Bender etc that’s a very intriguing situation for any free agent to walk into and with all the money they are shedding with the expiring contracts and Asik that’s just another incentive. Portland is the perfect place for Asik since they need to get bigger and can spare a wing in either Crabbe or Aminu…

    • Ryan Brubaker

      Aminu is on a bargain contract. He isn’t going anywhere. Crabbe is headed for restricted free agency. He will probably stay in Portland on a bargain contract as well.

    • No team is taking Asik unless the Pelicans take a bad contract back or send good value back. Asik has little to no value right now and his contract is a terrible burden a team would have to carry for the next few years.

      • Arthur Hill

        It was a mistake to bring in Alvin Gentry to speed up the offense and then give $58MM to Asik, who is among the worst fits in the league for that type of system. New Orleans is probably going to be stuck with that contract for a long time.

    • Why would portland want Asik? He clearly doesn’t work in an uptempo system and can’t space the floor. Plumlee is better than him. Plus aminu is on a great contract and Crabbe has been playing extremely well. There is no way they would trade either of those two for that awful contract

  4. they are a disaster, with Davis tied up, I would rip them apart (including a GM & coach) & put a completely different team around him

  5. Dana Gauruder

    It’s going to be tough to move some of the injury prone (Evans, Gordon) or overpaid (Asik) guys. The one most likely to go is Anderson. He’s productive and has an expiring contract.

  6. Chris Crouse

    If they think Anderson is going to bolt, and I think he will, they should trade him now and try to get back a prospect.

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