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Knicks Talked With Hawks About Jeff Teague

THURSDAY, 7:55am: “Very preliminary” is how league sources who spoke with Fred Kerber of the New York Post described the talks. Kerber indicates that a deal between the sides probably won’t happen.

1:12pm: The discussions are casual and have been going on for several days, a league source told Begley, who writes in a full story.

WEDNESDAY, 10:29am: The Knicks are among several teams to have discussed a potential Jeff Teague trade with the Hawks, reports Ian Begley of, citing league sources (Twitter links). Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports reported earlier that Atlanta was talking to teams about the point guard.

Dealing for Teague may well require some creativity from the Knicks, given a lack of assets for New York to trade, Begley asserts. It’s unclear exactly what the Hawks would want for the point guard who’s making $8MM this season and another $8MM next year, though Zach Lowe of wrote Tuesday that Atlanta wants to contend this season. A trade of Teague would presumably clear the way for Dennis Schröder to take the point guard reigns in Atlanta, which has suffered this season from the free agent defection of small forward DeMarre Carroll. Soon-to-be free agent Lance Thomas has emerged as a contributor at the three this year for New York, but it’s not known whether the Knicks are open to trading Thomas or if Atlanta has any interest in him.

Dealing for Teague without sending out anyone with a contract that includes guaranteed salary for next season would take a bite out of New York’s cap flexibility, Begley points out (on Twitter). The Knicks will already be hard-pressed to create the cap room necessary for a max offer to Kevin Durant, whom some executives believe will at least listen to the Knicks during his free agency this summer, as Begley reported earlier.

Would Teague be a fit for the Knicks? Leave a comment to tell us.

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11 thoughts on “Knicks Talked With Hawks About Jeff Teague

  1. Knicks would be a really good team if the y got a point guard, but they need to be careful what they give up. They must keep all first round picks, or htye’ll become what they were last year

  2. yes I think jeff Teague wood be a good fit for the knicks.

  3. Dana Gauruder

    Doubt that the Hawks are ready to give up on Teague this quickly. He’s having an off-year, possibly because of injuries, but they won a lot of games with him last season and their floor leader.

    • Pretty sure the Hawks would be open to listening. Schröder is the heir apparent. With the contract extension time coming up before next season, it’s getting to the point where you have to find out if he can be a starter or if he’s just a good b/u. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Hawks will just take whatever for Teague (it’ll take more than Thomas that’s for sure) but it does mean that they are listening.

  4. smittybanton

    What could the Knicks possibly offer? They have no first round pick this year. Which means they can’t trade next year’s either (Stepien Rule). Certainly not Porzingis. Jerian Grant? Guillermo Hernangomez?

    • smittybanton

      On second thought, Phil Jackson bamboozled the Hawks out of a mid-first round pick for Tim Hardaway just this past summer. No reason not to go back to the well, I guess.

      Porzingis and contracts for Teague and Millsap. Atlanta goes forward and rebuilds on the fly with Shroeder, Korver, Bazemore, Porzingis and Horford?

      • Anthony

        Atlanta is not desperate and not in rebuild mode. The Knicks don’t have anything to offer the Hawks.

      • Porzingas isn’t worth Millsap straight up, let alone Millsap and Teague.

      • you must be a Atlanta fan.

  5. dlevin11

    No way do Knicks trade Porzingis

  6. Yes he would be a great fit for the Knicks ! It’s time to fire Derek Fisher, he isn’t a good fit need a experienced coach !

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