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Nets Eye Andrey Vatutin To Replace King As GM?

WEDNESDAY, 8:25am: One insider was particularly direct in casting doubt on the idea of Vatutin joining the Nets as their GM this summer, calling it “BS,” NetsDaily tweets.

1:13pm: Team insiders who spoke with NetsDaily see Vatutin as an unlikely choice for GM (Twitter link).

TUESDAY, 11:22am: CSKA Moscow team president Andrey Vatutin is Mikhail Prokhorov’s “top choice” to become the GM of the Nets with Billy King‘s contract up at season’s end, sources tell Aris Barkas of Vatutin has ties to Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who used to own the Russian team. He worked under Prokhorov and former CSKA president Sergey Kushchenko, now a Nets board member and chief sports adviser to Prokhorov, as NetsDaily points out. The Nets pursued Vatutin for an assistant GM job in 2010, the year King became GM, but Vatutin turned them down, according to Barkas and NetsDaily.

It’s unclear whether Vatutin would decide to head to Brooklyn this time around, as Barkas details. The Eurohoops scribe suggests that Prokhorov has already offered the GM job to Vatutin, though Prokhorov complimented King’s job performance as recently as October. The owner at that point declined to address the matter of an extension for King, though Zach Lowe of heard “serious rumblings” in May that the Nets and King were close to an extension deal. NetsDaily poured cold water on the idea shortly thereafter, reporting that a source had said the Nets and King hadn’t engaged in any extension talks.

Brooklyn, at 10-24, has the NBA’s third-worst record and is without its first-round picks in 2016 and 2018, thanks to the 2013 trade King engineered that brought in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Still, Prokhorov, who was the impetus for the team’s desire to make a splash upon its 2012 move from New Jersey to Brooklyn, said in April that he liked King’s “bold” approach to the roster. The Nets stuck by King when former coach Jason Kidd reportedly tried to usurp his power in 2014.

The Nets have nonetheless won only a single playoff series in the five full seasons since King came aboard. Brooklyn has a chance to open some $35MM in cap room for next season, but without draft picks or a winning roster, the team doesn’t appear to be a top free agent destination.

The 42-year-old Vatutin has been with CSKA Moscow since 2002 and became the organization’s CEO in 2007. The Russian powerhouse has collected a litany of championships since then, as Barkas details. The team is 14-1 in Russian league play and 9-2 in the Euroleague this season.

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8 thoughts on “Nets Eye Andrey Vatutin To Replace King As GM?

  1. beantown

    Why not just move the Nets to Russia?

  2. bobhutt99

    King is a terrible GM. Just look at the 76ers and Nets as proof. 4 years ago the Nets had 5 number one draft picks. They traded Favors and a few #1’s for a coach killer who they bought out and is now in Dallas. Then they gave away the next 3 #1’s for Garnett and Pierce. They are now perineal cellar dwellers thanks to King with no draft choices in 2016

    • Don’t forget the #1 they gave for Gerald Wallace which tuned into Lillard. The fact that the Celtics picks were unprotected is absurd. They could have gotten PP and KG for much less.

      • For less? Definetly but still would’ve been a haul. With PP and KG (even without Ray Allen), the Celtics were playoff contenders. Asking the Celtics to essentially throw in the towel and trade two key players to a division rival is what really drove the price up.

        Also back when the Williams trade was made, fans loved it since they assumed he would be the superstar for them. Injuries affected his play more than him being volatile to a locker room. God, how quickly fans turn on a player never ceases to amaze me.

      • That pick was #6 and yes Lillard did turn out to be the best from that draf t but we can’t grantee we would have bein smart enough to go with him or for him to develop like he did in rip city

  3. 99% of fans are idiots that drink the media’s cool aide, but GM’s like KING kiss ass to get power & are as dumb as the fans. King was the worst GM ever, according to Bill Simmons…. & now they want to bring in a GM that has been working in Russia OMG!!! no wonder Jason Kidd bolted even if it meant living in Milwaukee. Brooklyn is doomed as long as Prokhorov is in the picture…. fans should boycott going near the barclays arena, but 99% of fans are idiots lol

    • Dude i hate everyone connected to the front office on this team… Why 2 picks for pp and kg… they are stupid the celtics will get a #3 pick with a winning team now.

  4. dwight schrute

    I would give him the Deron Williams deal as positive at the time of the trade but a disaster in hindsight. That was one of his better moves.
    He traded for Gerald Wallace (solid energy player) after the peak of his career and then signed him to a big contract.
    link to

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