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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround: 2/14/16

It wasn’t that long ago when many people (myself included) figured Hassan Whiteside factored heavily in the Heat’s plans for the future. After all, the center emerged last year as one of the league’s best shot-blockers. At 26 years old, Whiteside was expected to take the next step in his development this season, the final one of his contract with Miami. For the most part, he has Whiteside is averaging 12.2 points, 11 rebounds and 3.9 blocks per game. Whiteside, however, has also looked lost at times defensively and has been inconsistent.

The Heat recently gauged what the market was for Whiteside, who has been coming off the bench after returning from an oblique injury. It would be difficult for the Heat to trade Whiteside since his minimum-salary contract and the league’s salary-matching rules don’t give them the ability to reap much value in return. Still, reports from earlier today said the Heat’s front office is debating whether or not it is worth re-signing Whiteside, who would command a lucrative deal, and is thinking about trading him.

That leads us to today’s shootaround topic: Should the Heat trade Hassan Whiteside?

Being mindful of our commenting policy, let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are. We look forward to what you have to share.

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20 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround: 2/14/16

  1. Phil G

    The Heat have a huge decision here: rebuild AROUND Hassan or build around Bosh/Wade. 2 different directions. As stated, his low salary makes a valuable return difficult, so my belief is that the Heat should target picks and replenish there after trading away multiple drafts to sign Bosh and acquire LeBron. Only way they’ll get anything of value for him.

  2. Z.....

    It depends on what they can do with the roster, and what it does for them for the remainder of the season. Personally, I would hold Whiteside. If we can get something else in free agency, we let him walk. Otherwise, we attempt to keep him at something like like $17 million per. If Dallas comes in and grabs him at the max, then it is what it is…

    There are certain things Whiteside needs to continue to improve on. One of those things is being more attentive to little things. There are possessions he gives away b/c of that. He needs to improve his defensive positioning, and defending the pick and roll, and offensively, he needs to learn to pass the ball. That will help him with his post game. The numbers say he is one of the worst post players in the league, but if he passes out more, I think he would be more efficient in those opportunities. He clearly has ability there.

    When Bosh is at the 5 as the lone big, or even when Amare is the lone big at the 5, it allows Wade, Deng, and Winslow to have room to get those cuts to the rim, and the ball moves exponentially better b/c of that small amount of extra space. Whiteside obviously clogs the lane, and the Heat’s lack of shooting leads to poor spacing. Defensively, he obviously blocks shots, but he isn’t great at anything else. He has improved in that area, but it’s still an issue, especially against smaller, and faster paced teams. I personally think it makes sense for him to come off the bench or play fewer minutes. He can dominate at certain points, as well, so that’s when you extend him on the court

    Bottom line is that the Heat need shooting on the wing, which pretty much every other team in the NBA needs right now. With or without Whiteside, that has to be addressed, and I’m looking more at the buyout market as potential help there, unless Pat Riley pulls off something amazing. We just dont currently have assets that we can trade

    • Arthur Hill

      Ira Winderman speculated that Memphis might be willing to part with Courtney Lee or Jeff Green in a package for Whiteside. Would you be interested in either of those deals? And which do you think helps Miami more in this year’s playoffs — Whiteside or a reliable wing shooter?

      • Z.....

        The Heat cant get either of those guys straight up for Whiteside…They’d have to add salary to each deal. It would depend on the framework. I would probably say that Courtney Lee is the better fit for now (even though he isnt shooting the ball as well as he has throughout his career), though it would probably be Jeff Green if we are talking about in the offseason…

        As for this year’s playoffs, like I said, with or without Whiteside, the Heat need a 3 and D wing. If they cant get one, Whiteside is a little more important. It probably depends on Tyler Johnson, and when he comes back. If he is himself for the start of the playoffs, that at least gives us some help from the perimeter, but again, we still need another shooter. It would be nice if Justise Winslow can keep up the percentages he has posted over the last 11 games or so

  3. Christopher

    I think it depends on how much you can get in return if a Ryan Anderson or horford could be needed in such a deal I’m all for it

  4. At the start of the year i would have said keep him at any cost but between his recent comments,his moping around the floor unless he gets a pass or goes for a block and his latest boneheaded ejection which cost any chance at a comeback i am pretty much over him, he just doesn’t seem to fit the Miami style of play or team 1st mentality so i hope they get whatever they can for him. he is fun to watch but he will not re-sign with Miami for what he is worth to the team so get what you can now.

  5. Patricia

    No. Whiteside needs more seasoning & maturing. But look at blocks, rebounds, points. He would be a tremendous loss to the HEAT. No trade; resign for next year, & work with him to improve where necessary.

    • Really is resigned, where do you put Wade, Dragic and CB trade him and get something in return hos lack of effort and team 1frst mentality make him a liability and a non go to guy when needed…. thought about that…!

  6. Dana Gauruder

    They’d require a post player in return, given the state of their roster, but it makes sense to move him if he’s not in their long-term plans.

  7. Daniel Parga

    We should look at trading Deng, and, Anderson, so we can get a quality three point threat. Hassan has improved and give the Heat a fierce rim protector. We need more balance with adding three point shooter.

  8. Whiteside should be kept, youre not getting anything special out of him by trading him now. I say a sign and trade in the offseason sounds like a better idea. But I would try and keep him and make him work in MIA because getting draft picks or semi good role players is not gonna bring back this team to greatness.

  9. Jfa_1993

    I would trade him for some picks if we can’t get anyone significant in return. I doubt the heat will offer him anything close to his predicted market value ( I don’t think they can afford that anyway) so might as well get a little something in return for him instead of letting him walk and not getting anything.

  10. Maurice

    Dumb, very dumb. Turn down D. Wade’s usuage and use all the pieces. It’s the coaches job to do that. Not cater to superstars. Love Wade, but at that usuage rate he should be bringing in about 25-30 per. IJS. Whiteside is not the issue. Just maybe coaching and catering.

    • Z.....

      Whiteside has the 2nd worst post up efficiency in the league…Wade b is still the Heat’s best play maker. If anything, sometimes Bosh doesnt get enough touches for stretches of time. Whiteside clogs the lane, and he literally doesn’t pass the ball. The spacing is already poor b/c of lack of shooting. When Whiteside is out there, it’s even worse

  11. Darryl

    I don’t think they will at least I hope they don’t. You got to remember once Shaq Left and Zo retired Miami has had a hard time finding a talented center. Now grant it they managed to win a couple more championships but they had a hard time filling the center position with Joel Anthony and others. It wouldnt make sense to trade the guy. It was just last season when they referred to him as a diamond in the rough.

  12. Keep Whiteside & continue to bring him off the bench be AS (they should swap minutes permanently). AS looks & feels to my eyes that he’s ready & willing to fill a bigger role. Not to mention his tremendous blocking ability & rebound hustle. Trade Deng, TJ & Anderson for Caspi & Rudy Gay. Deng is a good defender BUT Gay’s versatility will give more to the Heats game plan. He can shoot & create his own wide open jump shot. That’s something Deng cannot do, our side of slashing to the basket which is also something Gay can do pretty well. Caspi is the outside shooting threat the Heat really need, along side Bosh & Green who are only streaky 3 point threats… I would even look at trading Dragic for Seth Curry & let Udrih take the steering wheel at point (he’s been a much consistent jump shooter & ball handler at this point) &I bring Seth off the bench.

  13. Robert

    From a production stand-point Whiteside is the best option the Heat have going forward. He is still young, has tremendous talent. Avg 12 pts per game, 11 rebounds, and nearly 4 blocked shots! and had games with 10 blocked shots! thats 20 fewer points from the other team.. so in that aspect keep him.. However, locker-room presence is a big thing. if the team isn’t ‘Gel-ing’ because of him.. then that type of bad chemistry needs to go. However, I don’t see anyone in the league who can possibly replace his production level, EXCEPT a Demarcus Cousin, who also has his own attitude problems.. I say keep him this year, and if he walks next year to chase a bigger pay-day or a bigger role, then let him walk, and see who else we can lure to south beach..

  14. Def he is an inconsistent guy in every level, when he gets own by other center his antics come up and get ejected hurting the team and that’s every time it happen, I’m sure Pat does not want to control a kid and his antics all the time. As much of a good blocker he is, his half effort on screen sets and P&P roll has not been the best and is all due to half effort it actually looked like he’s no interested in team success more like getting the pay he wants who can blame him.? With that said, If I were Pat I rather trade him for something rather than letting walk out with nothing in return… Heat is well off with a 2do Tier center anyways good example is Amare he’s doing good but need back up cause Birdman is not getting any minutes due to always been hurt he’s def a cash dump along with Hassan trade…

  15. One of the things the heat’s front office needs to determine before deciding to trade or not is whether or not Spo going to use whiteside on this team. Because as of now, there’s nothing run through whiteside, which in turn has him taking advantage of every opportunity he gets to score. He wants to be apart of this team & contribute more than blocks & rebounds,& it’s been many games where Spo chose not to utilize him at all & the team suffered a lost.This also adds to his frustration and his undeveloped skill set, which leads to his immaturity on the court. With the lack of shooting ability the heat has,Miami needs to go with old school playing & whiteside would have to be the focal point. So it comes down to whether or not Pat Riley wants to be competitive & win another championship or if he wants to shock the Nba with another big free agent signing. Whiteside definitely has the talent to develop into a great player, but the front office (riley)&coaches (spo) EGOS & WANTS ARE TO BIG to do what’s right by this team or whiteside. So trade him instead of hindering him.

  16. 1st. Whiteside has only played for Miami for only over a year. Remember this is the same guy no NBA team wanted on their roster, yet Miami has been able to develop a great center for the short period of time. He’s got so much potential that in return can be great for the team. Yes the guys has attitude problems, but in the long run Miami has an organization that can develop him to a better person. He has great mentors in Wade, Bosh, and Haslem. This guy can be a dominant player in the next year to two so definitely worth keeping him.
    2nd. Who will we trade for? I mean Bosh is great player and luckely can play the 5 but do you guys remember how the team was getting dominated in rebounds last season before Hassan? yes Miami needs shooters but you’re going to fix one thing and lack the other. My personal opinion to fix shooting would be to go after Dorell Wright.

    Overall I think Miami should keep Hassan long term, he’s a great player and still a young one that can only be better

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