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Knicks Offer To Attach O’Quinn To Calderon Trades

TUESDAY, 8:31am: New York is seeking rotation players on expiring deals for Calderon and O’Quinn, sources tell Zach Lowe of

MONDAY, 3:06pm: The Knicks are offering Kyle O’Quinn to potential trade partners as they seek to offload Jose Calderon, report Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst of New York harbors a strong desire for Jeff Teague, Stein and Windhorst write, with the Knicks having reportedly spoken with Atlanta about Teague last month, but it’s unclear if O’Quinn and Calderon have been a part of any talks between the Knicks and Hawks.

Trade rumors have surrounded Calderon since he underwhelmed following a 2014 trade that sent him from Dallas to New York, and he’s making close to $7.403MM this year on a contract that runs through next season. O’Quinn sees $3.75MM this year on a four-year deal worth about $16.013MM that he inked just this past summer as part of a sign-and-trade with the Magic.

O’Quinn’s role has shrunk in recent weeks, as he’s averaged only 7.3 minutes per game since the calendar turned to 2016. He’d seen 13.8 minutes a night prior to that, a rate of playing time that was still reduced from his final two seasons with the Magic.

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9 thoughts on “Knicks Offer To Attach O’Quinn To Calderon Trades

  1. NYC Fan

    Carderon for Jennings straight up…?

  2. NYC Fan

    Carderon for Jennings straight up?

    • Terrible trade, there is little value going back to Detroit. You do realize trades should be going both ways, as in both teams get some sort of value and the value should match up both ways. If the Knicks are so eager to give up Calderon and the Pistons are willing to hold on to Jennings if a good trade offer doesn’t come through, that means the Knicks would have to up the offer. If this was a good trade it would’ve happened months ago.

      • planetsabc

        I believe he was just being wishful no need to lecture… But haters gonna hate I guess

        • NYC Fan


      • NYC Fan

        I thought i read somewhere that Detroit could be willing to swap Jennings for Carderon straight up. ( can’t find the article, if i do i’ll post the link ) How about this trade suggested by a BleacherReport writer:

        To Knicks: Brandon Jennings (DET)

        To Detroit Pistons: Markieff Morris (PHX), Ronnie Price (PHX)

        To Phoenix Suns: Jose Calderon (NYK)

        • Connorsoxfan

          Why would the Suns take Calderon? They want a first rounder and a good young player for Morris.

  3. bobhutt99

    Calderon and Quinn for what? A deflated basketball? Has anyone seen these guys play? Their trade value is zero! Who makes this stuff up? All the Knicks are looking for is an expiring contract to get these guys off the books. Why do teams sign stiffs like these to long term contracts in the first place? No one would pay to see them play. You wouldn’t even watch them for free if they were playing in a school yard.

  4. mriescher

    Unless they trade Melo the Knicks won’t improve this team knee troubles are only going to get worse now the time is for the Knicks to face reality and sell

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